STUFF – By Relentless Aaron

I had a recent discussion about stuff. Yes, I’m talking about the stuff that weighs you down and keeps you from pursuing a life of freedom, possibilities and room to breathe. Over the years you’ve accumulated all this stuff, I’m talking about all the plastic and metal and paper and fabric and cardboard that you could possibly put your hands on.
With only 24 hours in a day, you can only touch so many things and experience so many things, and experience so many people. You can only eat, drink or breath but so much. Your capacity and your ability will not allow you to realize the surplus, the abundance and the excess that you have access to. I think we have learned to be excessive, attached to material gains and we’re stuck with all that it takes to maintain those gains.


I don’t care how many cars you claim to own or acres you have the keys to; you can only drive one at a time, and most of us with acres and acres of land will never set foot on a percentage of that property. The extra working vehicles and the hundreds of acres of untouched land in your life are there to satisfy your dissatisfied ego. I can understand having a backup car in the event your car breaks down. I can understand having a homestead where your children can run free or where your horses can breed. That, I get. But to have four and five and 10 and 20 and 30 cars is a show room. To have thousands of acres and you don’t even jog or you don’t get out in your RV or motorcycle to cruise the land is an obsession. And all those cars in your possession means you must be a collector, doing what your life’s passion calls for. I know a number of people who love cars and they collect them and they keep them in their basements in their garages and they protect them and curate them and preserve them. In a nutshell, their purpose is to enjoy their collection of cars. Again, I get that. There are people I know with hundreds of acres of land and they jog every day and they get out there and hunt and run with their animals and ride their horses and their motorcycles and they truly enjoy living a life they know as success. What I don’t get is that you have a mansion with 20 or 30 rooms, some of which you haven’t been in in years. Okay I am exaggerating with 20 or 30 rooms because that is a rappers lifestyle. That is a ballplayers lifestyle. But some of you out there have homes with a dozen rooms, and some of those rooms are dusty and have no bearing in your life. There are even more rooms then you have guests to stay in. And here we go onto the shoes and the purses… Oh boy!

Ladies you have more shoes and purses in your closets then you can possibly use in 10 years. In fact some of those purses and shoes you would not dare bring out in public because they are so outdated And gaudy. But they mean so much to you because once upon a time somebody tricked out on you or you tricked out on yourself.

So perhaps there are memories attached to those shoes and purses and shawls. Or perhaps you feel that this all amounts to equity in your life. But family, along with the shoes and purses and the photo albums and the books and the magazines is all the other junk that consumes your life. It is so hard for you to know that this is junk because you don’t even realize it; essentially you are addicted to your surroundings. We call that a trap.Family we hold on to so much stuff in our lives and it confuses things and it makes a complex, congested situation out of what could possibly be a free-flowing, rich and rewarding life. How many of us have cleared out U-Haul storage containers only to feel the relief of getting rid of the old stuff. How many of us go into the storage facilities to see items that they have not set eyes on any years and yet that monthly bill is paid religiously just so you can keep and own and possess all the stuff of your past.Sure, there is some equity in a lot of our stuff. I have thousands of books that I’m holding onto for investment purposes. For I know that when this movie hits, these books will be tools that I could autograph and make something more out of the movie’s popularity.
But I also know I have loads of books that are dusty and CDs and tapes that I know I need to convert to digital properties.
The pictures need to be scanned and added to my hard drives. The files and folders and documents and receipts need to be scanned and added to my hard drive. In fact, these things don’t even need to be scanned because I can take my iPhone, snap a picture of them and upload the photo documents to my drive.
This is the way of today and tomorrow. The Jetsons are officially here and living a free and easy and lite way of life works for me. Maybe that would not work for you because some of us need things and stuff and property to make us feel whole. A lot of our stuff has attachments to people and places and a past that we’d rather hold onto. And that is a shame to be attached to something so much that you can’t breathe, You can’t move and ultimately you can’t experience freedom. #relentless

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