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For a very long time I have been delivering information, entertainment and resources. Much of what I speak to is (by default) the world in which I live. What I share, for the most part, include values that I know have helped people in some way, shape or form. I have read your

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commentaries about my books and how they have enriched your lives. I have read your comments to my updates, how they have entertained or have broadened your awareness. For a long time I have been giving things away to my audience.
In fact, you all are so very important to me and it’s important that I take care of you and our relationship on a daily basis. The world is ever-changing, and there are ever-changing resources, technologies and developments that affect us on every level.

My background and my experiences are rooted in entertainment, real estate, business management, and most every level of our culture from the prisons to the penthouses.

To list the wealth of my experiences and engagements would be a book in and of itself. But I gather from your comments that my words have value and meaning and that they bring, (if not spice to your life), help you to live a richer and more rewarding living experience. I also believe that when you engage with me that you know my purpose is not promotion promotion promotion. The difference between me and someone who just constantly posts advertisements (in an atmosphere that is built to socialize) are worlds apart. Note: I also wouldn’t be bringing a boisterous boombox to your local bookstore or library (just sayin). And so I continue with my thorough engagement on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. I bring the video on YouTube, the audio on SoundCloud and Spreaker, the imaging on Pinterest and Instagram and of course the written content on Facebook andmy websites. I include very little superficial content in my posts, but it does tend to emerge from time-to-time. Afterall, we is one, which means (as well as you) I am also pop-culture. From time to time I have my outbursts which can include vulgarity, promiscuity, and all things pop culture. But to judge me from one post would be a mistake on your part/your loss. #passingjudgement

What & who I am (in my ‘entertainment mode’) is  it is nothing more nothing less than what you would see in a Quentin Tarantino flick or on your nightly news. I might be more “accessible” to you and so what I say/post might mean more (or less) because of our connectivity. But its the same me. I sill believe I am tame and (for the most part) inspirational.

Sure, I know that many of these characteristics are segmented, where the ministers preach, the comedians tell jokes and the information specialists disseminate information. I get all that, but isn’t that the comfortable, one-dimensional :box” that you’re use to? And isn’t the phone book nearly extinct? And aren’t vinyl records, and the sears catalogue and rotary phones all dinosaur concepts? In other words, DON’T THINGS CHANGE??? AREN’T YOU FAMILIAR THAT THERE ARE NEW RULES???

Like the rapper says “I’m different.” You cannot box me or package me into any particular setting, those “frames” that you and I are so used to seeing every day. At least during these times I will continue to be me, I will continue to grow my audience and continue to deliver and develop  the RELENTLESS way. My hopes are that you appreciate what I bring forth and I welcome your comments, your emails etc. It is all love from the top down, from East to West coast. #WORLDWIDE #Relentless

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