HOW NOT TO SUCCEED by Relentless Aaron

How Not To Succeed:
Just like you watch the news (or avoid it), I watch the news and/or avoid it. Just as I have had failed relationships and that I have ignored all the red flags in order to commingle with the opposite sex, you have as well. Just as I have had a few past sour business relationships or that I have failed at one task or another, so too have you. I say all of that to say, not just that you and I are similar in so many ways, but more importantly that you and I have learned HOW NOT TO SUCCEED.

We have stumbled and we’ve fallen enough to know the red flags, the loopholes, the traps and the smoke and mirrors.

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You might say that we can only handle what God gives us. Others might say that we attract these experiences. And still others would say that every action gets a reaction…. or that we reap what we sow. But beyond all the cliches, the truth is that we have plenty of experiences to show us the wrong way to go about business, relationships and a rich and rewarding life. It seems as if we get reminders weekly when we watch the news, our friends or when we individually experience failure. And therein lies the blueprint and the answers as to how not to proceed. You can’t win by shortcuts, you can’t win by cheating, you can’t win by a get-rich-quick scheme, and quite frankly you cannot win by getting over on other people.

Sure, all of this amounts to the choices that we make in life, but I’m thinking that with the amount of access to information we have today, there should be no excuse and the roadmap should be crystal clear for you to sidestep the pitfalls of life.


That’s why when we see people stumble or fall we shake our heads and we know inherently that they should’ve known better. Yes, there are isolated situations that introduce new information and sometimes we are ill-prepared for those encounters that come our way. But I believe that deep down our conscious minds have a measure of “common sense” that tell us yes or no, right or wrong when making a decision.

I recently wanted to back away from the news and information that I get minute to minute. I recognize how there is an influx of violent encounters and mortally tragic stories that are fed to us.

But I simply cannot turn my back on information that fuels my own perceptions and calls up the urgency for advice to those I touch daily.

And every time one of these encounters rears is its ugly head I cannot help but to troubleshoot and find the solution even after the fact. Maybe this is to help you, or maybe it is for my own sanity. Because if I am the skilled thinker and if I remain conscious and cautious and always on my toes, then I too would continue to avoid the pitfalls and minefields of life. No, we don’t know it all but we get better and better every waking moment. I hope you continue to take this ride with me and learn and grow and mature and stay safe. #Relentless


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