You Don’t Have A Clue As To What “The Bottom” Is – Mary J Blige Made It, You Can Too!

mary j blige They used to say Mary sucked; that she couldn’t sing. That she was “too hood” for the music she made. But look at Mary now! So, as encouragement to all those wannabees out there (that goes for singers, rappers, writers, shoe salesmen and business owners)

you may not know that way, may not understand “the game” but keep trying. Keep striving to be better, to do better, and inevitably you will hit paydirt.

Neyo and Lauryn were boo’d on the Apollo Stage. Jesse (from the Force MDs) started on Times Square street corners, collecting change for his craft. I know becuz thats where I first met him. And, as you know, I began my career from a 4X8 prison cell where I had to practically beg for pencils and lined-paper. Please know that the illusion you’re being fed everyday; the idea that success is right there for you to grab and receive and assume is FICTION.

The truth is, you need to work for it. You need to be a good apprentice. You need to practice and take losses and study. You need to have the right connections and there’s a need to be tech-savvy. So much to realize success, and its not laid out in any one blueprint, and DEFinitely not on TMZ every night.

Keep going. Keep absorbing the information u need to master your craft. And take it from me, if you can read this in real time, you prolly don’t know what “The Bottom” is. Keep Pushin #Relentless

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