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entrepreneurshipI want to give you an example of success and failure. Something that revealed itself to me recently. In the white jersey (picture) is a man who is at some sort of crossroads in his life. All day and night he begs for money. The man just behind him (in jeans/walking away) is Stan. Moments earlier, Stan and I had a lengthy conversation about my work. Stan had approached me and explained that in January of this year he spoke with Dr. Wilder, the chiropractor whose commercials I produce.

Yes I said January, which means almost 10 months ago he saw some videos that I produce for the doctor and my work was memorable to him some 10 months later. Stan mentioned his church needed my skills and abilities.

Naturally, you all know that I have produced many videos for many pastors, not just in Atlanta, but also in other states such as North Carolina. Quiet as kept, I have been looking for that perfect situation that I can grow a church and its congregation with my video and branding skills. I’m not just talking sermons, but dramatic interpretations that can bring life to one of the greatest stories ever told. Anyway, to keep with my point, here’s Stan approaching me 10 months later, remembering work that he saw 10 months earlier, and somehow he put 2 and 2 into together, and today we talked about potential work the future.

Now, here’s the juice: for sometime I have lectured on the zones: cold zone, warm zone and the hot zone. Stan is now in the hot zone where he’s looking to engage in business with me. Meanwhile, he is confronted (more like hunted down moments later) by the vagabond/clearly in the cold zone.

Its a first-time interaction, first-time introduction, and first impression. When in the cold zone, whether you are begging or an entrepreneur who has mastered his craft, you

begging homeless conyers georgia

A man begs for money instead of exerting any hard work ethic

must not press your potential. You must casually introduce yourself and hope to one day move your initiative to the warm zone. It must NOT be a manufactured or contrived. It must not be forced or pushed. Granted, if you happen to be blessed with the sale, then lucky for you. But think of a sale as a potential girlfriend (or boyfriend). You’re not gonna rush to 3rd base as soon as you meet them, are you? (Hey, I’m the messenger/no fair asking that question of me!) I’m trying to show you the “right” way to make the sale. Or, at least, this is how it works with me over and over and over again, for decades.

And there you have your success; Stan wanting to do business with me, the cat who has mastered his craft, and whom Stan learned about in the cold zone/10 months earlier… and your failure, a cat who approached Stan, trying to make the cold sale/trying to push and force his initiative. Side note: I know the homeless guy is in a state of desperation. I get that. However, it suits my commentary today, and hopefully teaches you “the zones.” One more thing… there is no particular time-frame as to when someone moves from cold to warm and from warm to hot. There is no perfect measure. It will happen when it happens, why and how it happens. Just trust that mastering your talent will bring you every reward you’re worthy of.


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