Reminder: You Only Have 24 Hours To Live…

blog (10)Damn, Relentless. Sure, that might seem a little extreme for commentary but the facts are the facts. Sun-up, until sundown is all we have. I don’t care if you have $1 billion or ten dollars, the fact remains that we all still only have 24 hours to live. I hear time and time again (especially from busy mothers) how life is so overwhelming. I know businessmen and women who are constantly overwhelmed in their lives. Only in the past two days have I heard these overtures from individuals who are living million-dollar lifestyles. Sure they have their individual issues, however your life can only be overwhelming if you allow too much through your door. #clutterMany of us are so caught up in (and so intoxicated by) the excess that it consumes us.

And then when we consume ourselves with such excess there comes the task of maintenance of what we own or possess. In other words, you’ve got another job of maintaining all that you have acquired.

So why and how does this happen? My theory is that we become more successful and more productive and more accomplished as life goes on. But with that success, productivity, and accomplishment we usually see that financial freedom, and that leads us to experience more of life. I heard a line in a rap song yesterday where the rapper was saying if he had so much money he’d be in a different city every night. Oh to the contrary!

If you are spending one night in a city and you visit 10 cities in 10 nights guess what? You will not be able to enjoy your time in any one city!

You will not be able to enjoy or get to know the people you meet in the cities. You will not get to thoroughly enjoy the encounters and the activities in the cities. But, most times those who try to do this come back home and brag about how they have been here, there and everywhere. The truth however, is that you are so spread out so thin that your life is all over the place. You are either so caught up in that lifestyle that you adopted and enjoy the blitz of it all, or you aren’t missing home. There is a piece of video I saw where Beyoncé was out on her tour and missing home. yes the rich talented beautiful Beyoncé also has the same 24-hours to live as you and I.

My suggestion to you is to keep it simple. Especially if you are overwhelmed in your job, your family life, and your side hustles. trim the fat, focus on the juice of your life and simplify. of course, this is not for everybody and is simply my own theory on how to live. But you do as you do and by all means chime in on this conversation. #RELENTLESS


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