“I’m not a violent/angry man. I don’t have a record…” Wow.

“I’m not a violent/angry man. I don’t have a record…” wow. I am teary-eyed and just as upset, but I need to stay positive and productive. I can affect change in my own way, within my own fellowships. Any of us, Black or White can be lions if we want to/killing everything we disapprove of. Turning everything we see as wrong into a “right.” But the American society as a whole is progressive. There is more good going on than bad. But theres a thin line between civility/diplomacy and turning into jungle beasts.

Let us acknowledge and try to fix the cancers around us, starting with your household, with your neighborhoods. But do it in the most effective way/with the most integrity and diplomacy. I am volcanic right now/fire in my eyes. But I know that the worst of me would leave me dead or in the hospital or jail… just unproductive. Just a memory. We can call all the names we want, try and able my attitude or voice all we want… but at the end of the day I’m still alive, breathing, productive, inspired and passionate about better circumstances for us all. God Bless South Carolina and ALL the parents who are dealing with this right now.

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