And Now The Full Murder Confession – Relentless


I beg the forgiveness of my friends and family who think very highly of me. I pray for mercy from the Heavens above for my actions. This is my confession.

Rushing in from the rain, it was at that moment when I realized I was home alone. If there was ever a better time to kill, it was now, and if I was going to kill it, it would have to be on my terms/psychotic as it seems. My impulse and my urgency was to strip naked, to lay down and do damage right there on my bed. And as the rainstorm grew even harder, I thought “wow” this couldn’t be a better time to get it over with. I got into position. The rumbling and crackle of thunder was already turning this into a mystery, horror flick; already inspiring me to get it over with.  

The window was open too, and mist from the raindrops beating on the threshold was somehow finding its way onto my body; creating a sensation to go with this wicked pleasure I’m about to surrender to.

 And now for the moment of truth: I unwrapped the plastic, and immediately enjoyed the blood-red bate before me. Without a moment more of waiting, I quickly sunk my teeth in. I could feel my eyes rolling back in my head, and the chilled, gooey frozen ice cream pop didn’t last another minute. I couldn’t romanticize the moment except to snap a selfish picture or two. There. It’s done. I killed it. I’m satisfied. Yum #sukka   

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