Chaos, Circumstance, Credit

With all the uncertainty facing our world, it’s not easy to shrug it off, to pursue our passions or to enjoy life without thinking, considering or caring about others. Anyone that disagrees, or can turn a blind eye to the suffering we’re seeing is either dumb, blind or just plain evil. Too hard? Okay, we’ll then, at the very least, they’re in denial. Yes, yes, yes, you’ve heard or read me say “Life’s Been Good To Me So Far,” but I promise you that comes from a place of mercy, humility and gratitude for life, good health and the will to march forth. And not just for me, but for the people around me; the family, friends and fans that I support, or who support me.

But I’ve learned some things over the decades; and that has impaled me with wisdom. Education thru execution & experience.

Even the will to learn, to engage and to act is a specialty these days. Afterall, who among us had leader ship, mentors or teachers that taught us what we really need these days? I’m not talking about science, math, English or home economics. I would substitute and sacrifice all of that for basic necessities of the day. Things like credit, business credit and financial literacy. Even if you have the gift of gab, a mean 3-pointer or a razor sharp left hook, you still need to have good credit. Your life still requires a business to umbrella all those activities you think are personal, but that are really you running a business. You still need mentorship through the years. I know some gifted people who weren’t paying attention in school, but now all of a sudden they learned something that can benefit somebody and cha-ching; they’re paid, even if they stumble over their words or use the wrong words. I mean, I can’t be the only one cringing when I read “sorry for your lost” or “can I axe you a question?” So today, the basic skills aren’t even the same as the basic skills of yesteryear. And yet, the ones who hold the keys to life just happen to have been handed down the information, the wisdom and the resources. They’ve hoarded this information for so many decades, centuries even, and only as of the last decade or so have we been exposed to the real resources that can enable us, or free us.

Yes family, a real job has been done on us all this time, and only since the advent of the Internet have we been further exposed to all of this information, and we are shoving it down our mental throats, or we just are not; maybe telling ourselves “we only know what we know,” or “it is what it is,” or “these are the cards we’ve been dealt.”

Meanwhile, you, your parents and all the elders get to go through life struggling, never to enjoy the true fruits of their labors is such that others have. But now that you know the playing field is even, and that the information is out here, do you even have the will or the want to study up, or read up, or level up?
I feel that it’s our duty as parents to educate our children about the importance behind personal credit, business credit and financial fitness. I mean, at least we should know stewardship? And so, I have certainly beat it into my children’s heads that credit and paying bills on time is important. I’ve certainly encouraged them to maintain multiple revenue streams. But maybe you’re not there yet? I realize it took me some time to get here, and there’s no checks and balances that are set in place for all of us to excel in these areas. So, you want authordom? Do you want excellent credit? Do you want strong business credit to leverage with your personal credit? Do you want that extreme financial awareness that might help you survive things like Covid and things like recession and things like unemployment statistics? Maybe you want some other revenue streams like your own bed & breakfast, or a turn-key “AirBNB”… maybe a strong TURO business?

Look, I can throw the whole recipe book for you to look at, to see how I’ve earned a living over the past decade, but you’d never read it. It would be a long essay, just as long as it took me to create it and live it.

On the other hand, we have this technology here, so why not use it? Why not put it to great use and push ahead with what I’ve already been doing? Teaching, coaching and walking folks through this tunnel of successes I’ve achieved? So, I’m gonna post this commentary right here, while we prepare for the next level… YOUR next level. Because you surely don’t want to ride that hamster wheel all your life. You surely don’t want to sleep on the jewels I have to share with you. But most importantly, I know you want the ease, efficiency and systems that can bring your own success closer, faster, with more impact. Yes you do. And yes I want to help you. And to make it make sense, it will need to be a system. It will need to be on video, accessible to you around the clock. Take in these words and stay tuned for what’s next. Relentless


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