You’re Already Gone – You’re Resiliant

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 I Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with the negativity. And while the world around me, the one before, the one I’m in now, and the one that wants me are all pulling at my soul, my resources and my ingenuity, (in that order),

I know it’s where I’m going that requires me to be focused on the blueprint at hand and where I am now, but not so much what’s pulling me backwards.

Progress and accomplishment require present focus and conscious, forward-thought. Present and conscious may mean being aware of your surroundings, as well as being aware of your career and the industry that you represent. Being present and conscious certainly requires staying spiritually grounded, healthy and mentally
driven. Being present and conscious may be sharing resources with those around you because, of course, you want progress for your friends, family and ultimately all human kind. That’s simple math we know as self-perpetuation. Professor Naiim Akbar taught me that. And if you don’t already know, giving to others leaves you with the greatest feeling imaginable. So then, maybe i’m preaching to the choir and you already know this? Or maybe this is new to you and I’m inspiring you and provoking thought? But then why is it so easy for us to surrender to the negativity?


Well for one thing, negativity feels good to us. It is a familiar sharp tech that we’ve been laying gone for as long as we know. So many of us know pain really good. So many of us know misery really good. So many of us easily succumb to the familiarity of pain and suffering and challenges and punishment.

So many of us are numb to it all. When itcomes our way we already know it, we know how to receive it and we know how to react to it. It’s much like the scars that
we have on our skin. Sure our skin refreshes itself every 18 months or so. That means whatever skin is on our body today will not be here in two years. However, the scars that we’ve earned have “learned themselves.” But the same goes for our mentality and our mental scars. We have learned how to cry and how to undergo punishment and the feeling that brings us and many of us curl up in the fetal position and weep.on the other hand, if you have been a soldier or if you know the soldiers state of mind, I’ll soldier continues to crank. It’s much like a machine that must churn, even if an arm or a leg get in the way, that wood chipper is unremorseful. That football team’s frontline is unrelenting. And that marine is unflinching. Just as Dr. Spock does not know emotion, and just as the pitbull or the parana or the colony of ants do not waiver from the blueprint before them, the individual who faces challenges and pains unknown must learn resilience. Sure, problems to pop up. But the question you must ask yourself is what will I do to turn this around? What resources do I have access to that will push me forward so that this too shall pass? In a nutshell, how will I overcome? For some of you this is a psychology that is foreign. And I feel for you. I hope you learned something from this and that it broadens your awareness. But for others, yo
u know exactly what I’m speaking of. So I say all of that to say

march forth soldier! That small object in your way is but a hurdle that you will overcome. It’s not that you might overcome it or that you possibly will overcome it; you will overcome the adversity. That is your state of mind. That is your practice and your routine, to handle the challenge and to overcome regardless.

And so personalizing this little essay tonight, it is my challenge to overcome the plug for all of negative energy that is targeted at my conscious thought. I closed a few deals today that mean a lot to my company’s bottom line. I feel I could have closed a few more had I not wavered from my plan and my routine to march forth, to be positive and to give my all. As an affirmation to myself, I must stay sharp and I must continue to master my craft/stay on my a game so that I continue to win and to discourage the negative forces around me. maybe you can use this affirmation yourself. Go ahead… Copy and paste it like you do some of my other posts. It’s alright; I’m already gone #relentless[/wr_text][/wr_column][/wr_row]IMG_0906.JPG

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