We’re All Scrambling For Available Resources

Yes, that's what we do and who we are: human beings scrambling for available resources. Some have an upper hand, more access, privilege, relationships and know-how where we can get more access, faster results, and we can sustain or drive momentum for ourselves and or our families. And there are still many others who do not have such luck, where it's a fight or a challenge to gain access to those same resources. We're either redlined by history, by our level of intelligence, learning curves... hell, we're even redlined intentionally or mistakenly. Throw the whole laundry list at human beings who are disenfranchised, oppressed or just all together off-grid. Here's the common denominator (if you're still reading)... the middle point to all of this is our health, our natural environment, our ability to care, to love and to assist others. TIME is a common denominator. MORTALITY too. So, in order for you to enjoy time, or realize quality of life, peace of mind or that productive, positive environment, you must be able to afford it. Thats cash, credit or an exchange of resources. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE THAT MATTERS IN THE REAL WORLD. Now if you're talking the spiritual world, that's an altogether different angle, a different allegiance and a community behind you that supports you, inspires you and may even fuel you. And yes, these concepts blend over into one another; they often mix, but in the end the question is HOW IS YOUR HEALTH? ARE YOU AT PEACE? ARE YOU LOVING & BEING LOVED? AND ARE YOU ENJOYING IT ALL?

This is the life we're living in a nutshell folks. You can sugarcoat it, paint it or compartmentalize all you want, but this is the X the Y and the Z of what we're all coping with. And I mean ALL OF US. I don't care if you are the biggest celebrity, the street urchin, Suzy homemaker or a successful/busy entrepreneur.

My "happy place," one I understand, one that frees me, and where I encourage others to dive-in is to have unlimited resources thru the use of vehicles like CREDIT, BUSINESS CREDIT, LINES OF CREDIT, and MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAMS that fuel, support and are part of SYSTEMS. Systems that are consistent, that can't be tricked or sidestepped. And that system or those systems must feed your specific overall plan and purpose. Because let's face it; we all have different hopes, dreams and desires. We look at joy different. We look at mortality different. And we are spread apart by geography, family, spirituality and economic structures. If you're following me, you will see that my way is a way that had easy entry, it allows for me to have that available time to enjoy life, to pursue my passions and to fulfill that void of love, of family and other hierarchal needs.

Deep or not, you don't need to agree with 100% of my points today. But what you do need to know is the access to available resources such as food, water, safety and security are at the top of ALL OF OUR LISTS. Those resources are required for you and your family, NO MATTER WHAT, whether you agree with me or not your quality of life effects your children, the environment they grow into, their ability to learn and comprehend and to execute on what they've been taught. And (no shade) but if you ain't got it, you're but a welfare recipient leaning on someone else or some other entity to survive. Or maybe you're claiming pauper status and you are "state property", or you've just given up and found yourself a tent to go off grid. But if you're not there yet, the easiest way to get it is thru credit worthiness. And then to sustain it requires either your hard work ethic or building consistent revenue streams.

I hope I've helped someone today.



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