It’s “O” for The Win – My View On Omarosa’s Unhinged

“No doubt that you come here with prejudice about who you think I am but all I’m asking is that you hear me out…”

SAYS OMAROSA in the opening chapter of her tell-all book #unhinged

Already she’s telling the world that she did what she had to do to get where she wanted to go, even if that was a place that people/viewers/readers wouldn’t understand. Even if it meant that some would be offended by her decisions. Even if it meant facing yet another storm in her life. Just as I tell everyone, we are here to be as resourceful as we can with what we have, our talents, our relationships, our health etc. Well, Omarosa was resourceful enough to troll Donald Trump, to win him over, to become an instant world-renowned star and onto 3 of the last 4 White House administrations. Forget about who she attached to over the past 181 months and how she became the most hated Black woman to, as some say, never again be invited to the barbecue, Mrs. Newman has done it to death.

Yes I met Omarosa at one of our big book conventions, when she was promoting the book “The Bitch Switch.” I didn’t know too much about her stint on TV or that tens of millions of viewers watched her take charge every week on The Apprentice or later on The Ultimate Merger. And I didn’t know she was so connected to politics. I guess we were working that law of Correspondence and it just felt right to take that photo. But thats where it ends for O & R. Up until now, writing this commentary, I haven’t seen her but for in the press here and there. I’m not into politics, couldn’t tell you the last thing Trump tweeted, and I honestly don’t or didn’t care. But this book is the ultimate introduction to this woman. She’s a warrior! As I’ve heard her joke on TV, “if I’m in a fight with a bear, pray for the bear.” Funny, but also true if you see the latest bear has orange hair.

This is the biggest message underlying #Unhinged, Omarosa’s latest book: Omarosa is one extremely resourceful woman. Period. End of story. Part of 3 Presidential administrations. That ride or die soldier, despite the war going on to toss Trump and the intense flack she was getting from the Black community.

Still standing after the 3 big deaths in her family; her dad & brother were killed and her husband, actor Michal Clarke Duncan died in 2012 of complications due to a heart attack). No question that Omarosa is built to be tough.

I’ve heard a few interviews where she keeps repeating “I was complicit” relating to the choices she made, waving the pro-Trump flag and the part where she says “pray for the bear,” in the event she and a bear get into a fight. But look… I’m not here for any of that. I’m here to talk about another successful author, her story and I’m done. Don’t come for me because of my in-depth review or because I’m a neutral, non-hater. I’m not about all that banter. Fact is, Omarosa is another “O” who’s winning. She’s an author who’s winning, having earned a spot at the top of the New York Times best seller list as of today 08/25/2018. And all the hate and daggers thrown at her is doing nothing more than to fuel a greater success. She didn’t kill anyone, but she does have a few things going for her. One, she can write in vivid detail. Two, she’s famous and relevant. And Three, she’s whistle-blowing on the man who so-called runs the world. This content is fire.

So, here’s the thing: my commentary is not merely about Omarosa, and I’m not on any crusade to redeem her for her dispicable Judas-ways. Afterall, Spike Lee, Black Twitter, and the whole Black Illuminati has signed-off on the deal: Omarosa is no longer welcome to the family barbaque. She has officially been stripped of her “Black Card.”

Look we’ve called her everything and she’s heard it all for years now. She’s numb to it, its not affecting her success at all… I know you want her to feel your hurt and pain; some get-back for how she dissed the Black community, but get over it. Move on.

Naturally she has read the blogs and the comments and she is Teflon-tough in her response to it all. Instead of responding to everyone’s individual opinion of her, she’s decided to do a broad sweep of the greatest kind, to wipe out all of our assumptions and judgments so that she can survive and progress with what spillage is left over. I talk a lot about spillage in life; how you can build your brand by “riding the tiger.” The synergy of that connection reaps super rewards if that brand then intern embraces you. And if there’s any of what I teach in this equation, Omarosa  has and is experiencing the greatest spillage I’ve ever seen. Photographed as she directs this man with the once golden hair; serving as a liaison to the Black community. According to where she came from, Omarosa has ascended to arguably the world’s greatest platforms of network television, the White House (proper) three times over, and now in the biggest press run she’s ever experienced. Every author I know would LOVE the kind of free publicity Omarosa’s book Unhinged is receiving. Every network news channel, every important magazine and newspaper… she was on Meet The Press, for God sakes. Even if her book was all lies, fiction and fantasy, something substantial has put her in these hot seats on CNN, MSNBC, in front of the world’s foremost interviewers. And she’s playing them all like a fiddle. I watched as she told one interviewer (in essence) to “make it snappy, I got another interview to do.” I mean, whats better than that, creating that sense of urgency that tells someone “hey you’d better come correct because you may not get the chance to speak with me again.” But would we sell out the Black community to get it? Hmmm

The spillage behind all of the reality show episodes Omarosa has appeared on in past years has served to confirm and secure certain marketing throughout the nation. She’s part of the discussion, like it or not. And she gets to be tactical with it! She’s on the “bullying side” of these negotiations now. She’s most-hated and lost her “Black Card” according to many.  She left to leveraging a life of experiences into this meteoric book promotion.

Picture the tens of millions of television viewers she’s entertained, angered and/or attracted over the years. Add to that are perhaps millions of politically brainwashed zealots/all of you folks who like to bury your heads in all-things-politics/for whatever reasons that floats your boat. (I give you “shrugs” and a “parade wave” from a guy who is independent of certain cult fellowships). And now I’m reminding you, whether you like it or not, Omarosa is back with a Best Seller; her tell-all book. She’s back to curate and double-down on the millions upon millions of daily news-watchers that might be her fans of old, her controversial admirers (or not) from her recent political dives, and her hope is that all of that works out to foster the biggest book sales agenda ever for a so-called whistle-blower. 

Hey look, if you’re an author reading this, or a reader and lover of books… even if you’re a librarian, there’s just no way you can hate this woman’s hustle. 1) This is a good fucking read. 2) It’s one of the greatest success stories ever. And 3) worst case scenario, this is a great exit plan that will inevitably turn into an amazing film project.

All of this will mark Omarosa’s purpose here on Earth. She can rest easy knowing that she’s been there and done that to the highest levels and greatest depths. She’ll be able to afford security to watch her “20,” her bank account is on blast, and you know her when you see her, bar none. The equity, the purpose and the potential behind all of that is simply amazing.  It means endless speaking engagements. It means she can eat well until her dying day. Above all, it means she can rest easy knowing that she has done it all. If merely in her own mind, Omarosa was the living/breathing “Olivia Pope.” And you all fucking LOVE Olivia Pope’s Scandlous ass. 

And if all of that to you doesn’t represent greatness and success, there is still her fall-back, that space & time where she currently finds herself in a church community that historically will not let you go and will support you despite whatever decisions you have decided to make in your past. Hell, the church forgives murder, rape and every other backwoods offense; so then why not Omarosa? 

Many of us are crying sellout, Judas, kiss-ass. But even as Omarosa takes on the challenge of to admitting, rationalizing and justifying all of this, there’s just no denying the “big win” here.

And if that’s not big and bad/bold and humble enough, Omarosa now finds herself at the pulpit of the church, beside a pastor of the church, in a leadership role as a “First Lady” in that church… A role taken on and mastered by successful icons such as Tammy Faye Bakker, Taffi Dollar, and even the television fictional character held down and “Owned” by renowned actress Lynn Whitfield in her role as Lady Mae in Oprah’s Greenleaf series.

And so Omarosa used all that she knows, oh she’s experienced and all that she’s learned to become all that she is today. 

Like it or lump it, she’s been resourceful. Yes, even though she stood by and watched the buffoonery of “Diamond & Silk,” Dr Ben Carson, and the big buffoon himself, Donald Trump… all of them fucking up world history as we know it, that lol Black girl grew up to BE SOMEBODY. Way more than so many of us can claim. She did so without doing the most; stuff we see on the 6 o’clock news everyday. Sure, she made wicked choices, but more like wickedly brilliant. Shit, if you ‘gon ride or die for somebody, make it a rich, bold, controversial mofo who don’t give a fuq. Perhaps there will be spillage! 

And even if you’re casting judgment on all of what you have seen play itself out on the political front, there’s no way that the murders of her father, her brother or the sudden death of her former husband, the late actor Michael Clarke Duncan had anything to do with her choices over the past decade or so? And yet those realities still play a role in Omarosa’s life. Don’t go discounting this woman’s existence and real-life experiences but for this smidgen of wack allegiance she’s displayed for the wrong team. It is still on her to be a survivor, to be a breadwinner, and to ultimately be a contribution to those who support her through thick and thin. Oh, oh, oh! I wanted to speak on a couple of ironies in this hot mess; one was Steve Harvey talking about Michael Clarke Duncan taking/accepting that stereotypical role (for 10 million Dollars) in the Planet of the Apes. Steve says “Michael know damn well he aint got no business playing no monkey in no movie.”

“How much are they paying you to play an ape?” The black audience enthusiastically agreed with Harvey. Harvey even said that when Duncan appeared on his radio show, several black callers pressured him to chastise Duncan for accepting the role. So I thought about the irony of Michael being seen as a “betrayer of the race” as well as how Omarosa is seen (in the same way), and then to realize the 2 had married. Just a lot of coincidence to unpack.

Look, I could write a whole book about how most of us flock-to, follow and embrace celebrities both good and bad. But for this one woman’s reasons, she has flocked-to, followed and embraced the goon of all goons, and she walked away unscathed and forever popular. According to our generation, Omarosa could’ve been a basketball wife, a rap mogul’s dime piece, or even some popular TV producer/TV host/cultural icon. But there’s only room for one “O” in that arena. The other “O” is now canceled, the series is immortal on your smart tv. And still, the other “O” is on fire in the Hiphop life. And so, whether you agree with or follow Oprah, Olivia, Onika or Omarosa, the “O’s” have it family. They are dominating the global stage from every which Way, and I guess it all comes down to who you want to support or not. In the end, who is putting money in your bank account, food on your table, or inspiring you to be and do better?


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