The Novelist’s Path: Creativity Meets Companionship The Magic of Writing and Partnership

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I have certainly experienced the ups and downs as it relates to my writing. Whether it was personal conflict, not being settled, or just an erratic schedule, there's always difficulty when it comes to focused thoughts and crisp, coherent writing.

Maybe this is global, but writing for me is a solitary endeavor. Still, having a partner who understands and supports your creative process can be invaluable. This partnership becomes even more crucial as you navigate the uncertainties of a writing career.

Navigating Challenges Together

Facing the highs and lows of a writing career can be smoother with a partner who provides emotional support, encouragement, and practical advice. Sure, that works naturally when your partner is cohabiting with you, and I can imagine the complications if that's not the case. However, for me, cohabitation, a loving relationship, and the peace of mind that she brings to my space are “all the things” when it comes to getting that clarity into the written word. And let’s be clear I know we call it “writing” but this is nothing but living and being resourceful with what we know how we create it and how we present it. The real win is you the reader, embracing it or absorbing it into your conscious mind, and then maybe even making use of the information in your subconscious mind. Whether it’s entertaining readers in my novels or broadening your awareness in my non-fiction books, writing is my happy space and you being enriched and satisfied, is the SAUCE.!

Pivoting to Financial Stability: A Shared Endeavor

Life's Unpredictable Turns

When life demands a shift towards financial stability, having a partner who stands by you, offering insights and support, can make this transition more manageable and less daunting. I remember late 2022 when Atlanta went through a big freeze and the entire stack of luxury apartments above us flooded, and it turned our peaceful nest into one hot mess—or should I say one wet mess? But just as partners do, I supported her and she supported me, and we hugged each other through it until we were able to get approved and relocate to an even more desirable luxury apartment building just down the block. I feel like trying times will surface, no matter what. And for us, that was indeed a trying time. However, looking back on the whole escapade, I wouldn't have it any other way. It has made us stronger to go through something together and to come out on the other end with teachable moments and a smile. I feel like life must bring the push and pull for you to be tested. And overcoming such a test is a big win.

Building a Future Together

As you pivot to focus on financial security, your partner’s role evolves to include joint financial planning and decision-making, ensuring a stable future for both. You may have a situation where your credit score is lacking and your credit score is strong. In that event, she has got to be the determined one to follow the blueprint to empower and grow your resources so that you can circle back to correct your credit score. at some point, assuming you are constantly creating revenue, you will both be strong together.

Building Personal Credit: A Joint Strategy

Understanding Personal Credit as a Team

Navigating the complexities of personal credit can be less intimidating with a partner. Together, you can learn, plan, and improve your financial standing. I will write much more about this in the future, but you mustn’t show your hand while you’re playing your hand. Building credit is a strategy, and no one should interfere with that, especially outsiders who have been informed about your plans. My dad used to say, Never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, hush-hush, and let’s get it done together.

Joint Efforts in Enhancing Credit

Working together to optimize personal credit, from monitoring credit scores to making strategic financial decisions, can strengthen both your credit standing and your partnership. Here’s an idea for couples to earn money while they’re growing: if you, your partner, have realized tremendous success as a result of correcting your credit or building your credit, you now have yet another product and service that you can bring to the marketplace. Your success should be documented, shared, and monetized. Naturally, I c

an help you with that.

Leveraging Personal Credit for Business Growth

From Personal to Business: A Collective Journey

Transitioning to business credit is a significant step that benefits from the shared wisdom and support of a partner, especially when making crucial financial decisions. Once you get that first business going, it’s time to duplicate by picking up another corporation, getting all of the compliances in place, and then setting up for the win. Please note that there’s no end to the amount of CORPORATIONS, one can have, and every corporation should be utilized to raise capital. You are not in business to use more of your energy or more of your 24 hours. You should be in business to raise funds, and those funds should be used to make more money. But you’re going to make more money with systems that are put in place, and you’re going to use those funds to set up those systems. Be clear: you only have 24 hours in a day, and the idea of taking on more corporations should not discourage you. You should already be of the mindset that you will have assistance from others who you will inevitably pay top dollar to oversee your operation. With systems, everybody wins. When you get a chance, check out the book, The eMyth, by Michael Gerber. And thank me later.

Utilizing Combined Financial Resources

A partner can offer not just moral support but also practical assistance, such as helping to manage finances or offering insights into effective credit use for business purposes. This is something that we do consistently so that we are both aware of the resources we have available and clear about how to acquire more resources. $100,000, $200,000, and $300,000 are not enough money to maintain a successful, growing company. In my opinion, a business owner should have half $1 million or more to grow a company, so that is self-sufficient. Make sure you pick up my guide, the $250,000 playbook. It’s a step-by-step guide on how to raise funding by setting up an old corporation and then stacking business credit cards. Pay everything on time, and then, in 90 days, go back for more funding.

Expanding Business Credit: Growing Together

Understanding Business Credit as a Duo

Learning and building business credit can be a joint mission, with each partner contributing their own unique strengths and perspectives. For us, she watches the money, crosses the T’s, and dots the eyes while I focus on revenue, streams, and content creation. These are our happy spots in life, and we are full and satisfied at the end of each day. 

Collaborative Business Credit Building

Together, you can devise strategies to build a strong business credit profile, a step that can solidify not just your business’s financial foundation but also the strength of your partnership. We are always talking about strategies for raising more capital, creating more revenue streams, and fine. Tuning. The system we now have in place. at some point in the future, we intend to show our hand so that others can learn from our growth and success.

From Financial Stability to Empowering Others: A United Goal

Sharing the Journey to Inspire Others

Your combined experiences in transitioning from personal to business credit mastery can become a source of inspiration and guidance for others. We’ve spoken on this before, and it doesn’t make sense to hoard all of the money, information, and positive changes taking place in your life. Each one teaches the other, which is how we lift our community and become stronger. Once upon a time, we did not have access to resources like this; we did not have access to the information, but there’s no excuse today. Everyone must win. Everyone must be in a space where they can pursue their greatness, where they can pursue their life’s purpose, and where they can live happily ever after. 

Establishing a Collaborative Initiative for Financial Empowerment

In partnership, you have the chance to disseminate financial literacy, possibly by conducting workshops, offering consultancy, or creating informative content. This draws upon the wealth of your combined expertise and experiences. Annually, we invest considerably in our self-education and refinement within our industry, which includes attending seminars, purchasing reading materials, enrolling in courses, and seeking consultations. These are integral components of our business operations. Not only do these expenses qualify for tax deductions, but they also significantly contribute to enhancing our knowledge and improving our professional competencies.

Balancing Creativity and Financial Management: A Dual-Effort

Keeping the Flame of Creativity Alive

As you pivot towards financial expertise, your partner’s encouragement can be key to maintaining your passion for writing and ensuring you don’t lose sight of your creative roots.  I thank God every day for my partner and for the knowledge that we have to progress and become better people. Having access to funding gives us a sense of freedom and also helps to affirm certain characteristics in our lives. I used the following words today in a text message to a client, and I’ll share them here for you: “For me, empathy is a very important characteristic, and I have not yet perfected it, but I do know that when my mind is clear, I’m able to practice it more and more.”

Harmonizing Two Worlds

Together, you can find the balance between managing a career in finance and keeping alive the joy of writin

g, making the journey not just a professional pivot but a shared life adventure. Everything we do must include balance, and that includes your nutrition, your sleep habits, how we communicate, and how we exercise our bodies. Balance is a great resource that we all tend to overlook. Did you consider that breathing might be an important part of the balance? Did you consider that proper water intake might be part of that balance? Have you considered proper sleeping and sleeping habits and sleeping arrangements as being a part of that balance, and how about meditation? All of these things play a role in our mindset, and as a writer, my mindset is one of my greatest assets next to my heart, my experience, and my skill set.

All Cards on The Table: The Strength of Two in Pivoting

Pivoting from a novelist to a financial expert is a path filled with learning, growth, and the potential for significant professional development. Having a supportive partner in this journey adds an invaluable dimension, providing emotional support, practical assistance, and a shared vision for the future. This partnership enriches the experience, making the pivot not just a personal transformation but a journey of mutual growth and fulfillment. I expect to dive deeper into this transition so that I leave behind a testament to our evolution, to our profession, and to our love. As usual, stay tuned!


  1. How can my partner and I work together to improve our credit? Pay bills on time. Commit to making at least the minimum payments on all bills before the due date. Set up autopay or payment reminders if needed. Limit credit checks. Too many "hard inquiries" from applying for new credit can lower your scores. Consult each other before applying for new credit. Don't max out cards. Keep balances low compared to limits. Consider becoming authorized users on each other's oldest credit card accounts.
  2. What are the benefits of having a supportive partner during a career pivot? Having encouragement and practical support can help you take the leap, handle the stresses of upskilling, and get through income instability. Share your hopes and talk through any fears openly.
  3. Can a partnership enhance the process of building and leveraging business credit? Yes! Having a business partner allows you to separate personal and business credit, share funding and liability, and get more purchasing power. Consult each other before making major business credit decisions.
  4. How do we balance our creative and financial goals as a couple? Have open, honest conversations about current finances and future financial dreams. Set shared goals you both buy into. Divide financial responsibilities according to abilities and bandwidth. Revisit money talks quarterly as you pivot careers.
  5. What are some ways my partner and I can jointly create revenue streams through financial literacy? You could create an online course, podcast, or YouTube channel together. Or do speaking gigs, workshops or write a book together on personal finance topics you specialize in. Play to both your strengths!
  6. How can we support each other in transitioning from creative to financial careers? Encourage each other's growth and celebrate milestones. Listen without judgment. Help make time for learning new skills needed to pivot careers. Discuss and assist with networking opportunities. Remind each other of joint goals during tough transitions.


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