Dear God…

Dear God, I just want to tell you that I hear you tonight. I haven’t experienced a rain storm like this in quite some time. And how it…imagefalls feels like a shout for attention. I know so many of us are not listening and many more of us need guidance. And still others want for advice and direction but know not how to find it. I don’t believe we are lacking leadership or information or resources… I don’t even believe we lack ability to live in harmony, in peace and prosperity. What I believe we lack is the willingness to do what we know must be done.v I believe many of us are faced with uncertainty, and we are afraid and in many cases aimless/not living on the same page/nobody living by the same charter or rulebook. God, as much as I observe this and make sense of it in my own life I can only help but so many people. And if my plate is full how then would I be able to achieve what you brought me here for? I’m always helping helping helping and advising and instructing and directing, i’m doing what’s in my heart. I’ve even gotten to a place where I have foregone pleasures and thrills in order to focus on the work. So then lord what more would you have me do? How much more my style I exhaust my energies every day to be the productive, giving leader that I have it in me to be? God of you I ask for continued guidance because I don’t know it all. Yes you given me a lot but I continue to want for more information and more resources and more capabilities to make a difference during this short time amongst our people. Send me a signal. Touch me. Send me where I need to go. Amen


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