The Return Of The Hummingbird

fightINGWe are frustrated human beings. we don’t know how to exercise discipline in how we communicate. Once communication has faltered, then it is a matter of respect and the ability to exhibit respect on the most basic level. But once the respect is lost, then we bottom-out to what we all are at the foundation. #animals

I learned a long time ago that in the desert there are hummingbirds and vultures. I had to decide whether I would be the deadliest vulture or the most peaceful/resourceful hummingbird.

On occasion I’d forget and digress to the primitive, predatory vulture’s ways/mostly as a preventive measure/not that I’d go out looking for trouble. But for the most part, and ultimately, I’m comfortable enough and wise enough to know that I will reach more people and effect more change by staying positive. Being the hummingbird means being resourceful and helping others. Being the hummingbird means giving and receiving love. It means compassion and concern and affection.

Being a hummingbird is really a self-affirming way to live, breathe and co-exist in harmony with others. Its a healing existence; something very natural to all of us.

Our cuts must heal in peace. Our minds must heal in peace. At night, we must sleep in peace in order to feel refreshed in the morning. The hummingbird: Its that soothing existence. Its therapeutic and allows for meditation. It means balance and purpose as apposed to the erratic, impulsive ways that we human beings can become (at our worst). Instead of irrational behavior and malice aforethought, we can assume confidence when we’re walking and performing in accordance with nature’s laws. Gravity. Attraction. Correspondence. Nature. These laws are bountiful ones that apply to EVERYONE. There’s no getting around them. There’s no talking your way out of them. This isn’t a religious sect or cult. These are realities that are part of our everyday existence, whether you wake up or not. They insure quality of life. Adhering to them means “in-tune” and “harmonious.” And as much as we all have these muddied pasts (or that we’ve avoided and/or side-stepped them), there is something called “growth” and “maturity” that awaits us.

There will be a day in your life when you embrace the necessary changes that keep with a certain purpose and a certain “walk” in life. You may hafta get popped upside the head to recognize it. You may hafta have a near-tragic accident.

It may be the loss of a loved one and your new realization of mortality. No matter what the significant emotional event, you will inevitably (and hopefully) land here… at peace.hqdefault

If you’re a writer like me, you can easily release through the vessel that is your passion. Same with musicians or artists. You can live that other life in a sort of therapeutic push towards flushing out the old. As a writer I can vicariously take on characters in my books. I can live thru them to release certain pain and anger and hostility. However in person/in real-time, I need to be able to separate the fiction from the nonfiction. I need to exercise the utmost discipline and to keep it positive as much as possible, and to further grow and protect my wealth of resources. There are so many images and sounds and experiences that make up this jaded, tattered tapestry that lines the walls of our minds and many times causes us to “act out” or “flip.” You do have the ability to make those adjustments in your life. Remember: YOUR PAST DOES NOT EQUAL YOUR FUTURE. There is so much pain and misery and deception in our communities that many of us find comfort there/something like a dog sleeping comfortably. We are sucked-in to the “haves” verses the “have nots” argument, the “who’s better than who” argument, and the “who’s stronger” argument. I worked hard to earn my wealth of resources. I will no longer surrender to those practices, the lunacy or the challenges of those other lost souls/the others who are (or who think they are vultures; the lowest inhabitants of our animal kingdom. Yes, we have learned to speak, however knowing the language is not quite the same as using or putting the language to work. And so I put it to work in the most productive, the most positive ways I know how. Because life is too short for anything else. #relentlessaaron #blackinstagram #conyersgeorgia #publishedauthor #thegormetauthor #urbanlitking #urbanlit #blacktwitter #inspiring #entrepreneur #writer #inspiring #lifecoach #mountvernonnewyork


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