Healthiness, Happiness and Greatness! YOURS!

When is the last time you relaxed? When is the last time you had a days worth of water? When is the last time that you took a deep breath, not to survive but to live? When is the last time you meditated, and allowed nothingness to wash away all of your concerns, your headaches and your worries? When is the last time that you allowed your imagination to wander, to explore, to reach for the healthiness, the happiness, the Holiness and the greatness that you know awaits you?

Well, today I am here to remind you that we live an abundant life in an abundant world with abundant resources and you have abundant energy to achieve your share!

With a few turns of the screwdriver, some tweaking, and some adjustment, you can become, assume and receive the life that you’ve always wanted. I have been blessed to achieve some insurmountable accomplishments as well as I have met the most phenomenal people so far in my life. And it all happened because I was willing to allow my imagination to take me wherever, however and whenever! And I know you have that in you because I am just a human being, no different than you. I have no phenomenal academic background, no substantial college education, my parents did not stick a silver spoon in my mouth, and I did not grow up entitled (like so many of us have) with a wealth of family and friends to support me. My parents gave me no college tuition, and there was no inheritance for me to receive. I have no extraordinary gifts that I’ve been blessed with at birth. Everything that I know I learned or manufactured on my own.
Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 1.25.23 PMIndeed there were mentors in my life; people who taught me and who reached out to give me advice. However, all of us have mentors and access to mentors around us if we only look. So, in essence you have everything that I have; you have the same tools in order to achieve greatness. Even geography is not an issue for you. Some of my greatest achievements in life, so far, have been created in a 4 x 8 space with cinderblock and steel bars. Some of my greatest latest achievements in life so far have been created in a small town with a population likely smaller than yours; a town that was once rooted with racism, where Black blood is likely at the roots of the trees that grow here in the vicinity where I live. Yes, even in this remote environment, with all the odds against me, I am achieving greatness.
So I ask you what is holding YOU back? And I’m here to remind you to relax, to drink your water, to take deep breaths/to live and not merely survive. I’m reminding you to meditate and allow that nothingness to wash away your concerns, your headaches and your worries. Allow your imagination to wander, explore and reach for healthiness, happiness and greatness that is yours for the taking. #Relentless


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