Another Random Starbucks Story by Relentless

Starbucks_Corporation_Logo_2011.svgSometimes being an author means more than merely pen and paper.
People read what an “author” has to say because they appreciate that man or woman’s eye on the world. It makes them proud, happy, reminiscent, vindicated, redeemed.
Today, Jim & MaryAnn shared cupcakes in celebration of Jim’s 69th Birthday.
MaryAnn recently had her 68th. She tells me that they’re on a “Cheap date.”
I said, “On the contrary. Less is more today. Its about appreciating the little things in life that is a big deal. And then I snapped this picture here in my favorite #Starbucks. MayAnn described me as a “Photographer-Socialite.” Sigh… another title. I suppose I’ll wear that hat today!
The “Relentless eye” is on our world yesterday, today & forever.


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