When life knocks you down…

This 27yr old brotha from Louisiana came to ATL a few days ago, had his Cadillac stolen (and all of his personal belongings), and it was on me to help nurse him back to economic, mental and spiritual strength. I told him in a Text that next morning after the car theft: 

Family…We gone get you back to good financial health. But you gotta eat. And you gotta shake that shit off. You gonna get your car back and you gonna start work tomorrow. So pick that chin up and let’s go hard. I gotchoo”

The peril of it all… the shock… come to find out the car (and his belongings) was fully insured and he’s gonna be stronger because of this. We all are. He’s smiling today, on his way home and vowing to return in less than a month. Stay strong out there. Murphy is always lurking; but life always has better in store for you when you’re receptive. “Get knocked down 6, get up 7.” #movie



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