All I Do Is Win! Come Win With Me!


There is something so powerful about practicing to win. That is, practicing for THE PURPOSE of winning. If you won something early on, you already know how it feels to be a winner. You already know that joy. And if you know the process that you used in order to win then you now have a reference that you can follow, and the blueprint that you can use to constantly win. I hear things like “there are no jobs” and “I don’t like my job” and I hear misery and frustration and entrapment… But I will not sit here and babysit your misery. I will not join in the choir of doubt and disenfranchisement and sorrow.
Ne-Yo Has a song called “So You Can Cry”Which coincidently speaks to my commentary today. Part of his lyric says exactly this:
“You sit in the dark alone.
You won’t answer your phone.
Well I’m sorry,
I wanna attend your pity party.
I’d ratter go have calamari.
And maybe a drink
And yes, I think you should come with me. Life is long.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 9.18.58 PMSo today, I’m also asking you to come with me. That is, get up off of your ass and get out of that situation that is holding you back, keeping you down, oppressing, depressing and stressing you!Indeed we’ve all been through misery and struggle and hardship and sometimes it feels like there is no rebound. But I am here to tell you that I know people who have survived gunshot wounds, prison, divorce, armed robbery, car accidents, and you all probably know the story about my dad who lost his leg on the baseball field early on in life. So in my mind, there is a point of reference that involves survival of the fittest. In my mind I can pull up the reality of my dad having had his leg severed off (amputated) and yet he has lived a full, rewarding life without a limb. As a child, as a teenager, and even today we never quite knew nor did we recognize a paraplegic or a handicap or an invalid. We never saw dad as “an amputee.” He had a prosthesis; thats the first reality/we didn’t have years of imagery; seeing him as being one-legged. All we saw day after day was a man who went to work and came home and progressed through the years owning a Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 9.34.37 PMchain of delicatessens, bars, a liquor store… All of this from a man who didn’t quite make the Brooklyn Dodger baseball team. In some way, at least in my mind, my dad made up for a baseball career, except he did it in the most unconventional way, without a leg, and probably better than 10 men could do in a lifetime. So my question to the universe is how great can I be with that as a reference in mind, with BOTH my limbs and with my entire future ahead of me? And my question to YOU is, how great can YOU be with all those great references that YOU have in YOUR mind. ‪#‎boom‬‪#‎Relentless‬

— listening to Ne-Yo at Starbucks.

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