ABC – Always Be Creative


So what are you creating?

Are you creating a healthier lifestyle? Are you creating additional revenue streams? Are you creating greater relationships? Are you creating a more for filling life? ABC means always be closing for those of us in sales. But for all intents and purposes, today ABC stands for Always Be Creative!

Ever since I can remember I have been creative, and we are now into 53 years of the same. With very little guidance and eventually the leadership that I sought out on my own, I have created a unique skill set that substantiates what I call my life’s “happy spot.”

I don’t necessarily have all the answers, but I am focused and  yet connected to or in contact with people who do have all of the answers in different ways and means. What that means is that mentors are essential to that so-called happy spot I’m speaking of. Mentors in health, in finance, in tech, in nutrition, in education, in leadership and in my overall lifetime agenda. Yes we are engaged in priorities that are engaging our every day attention, but most importantly we must always consider focusing on our passion. Our passion calls into affect our creativity. Creativity is The recipe for freedom, expression, and thorough transformational perspective. After all, with every sort of creativity we can see an artists perspective. With creativity we can see your leaders perspective. We can understand a teacher‘s perspective. We can even see a painters perspective. We can taste the cook’s perspective. We can hear singers perspective. We can even feel an actors perspective, especially when they “go deep.”

When times get tough, you always have that option to be creative. And you may find yourself in a new reality.Maybe at a time that you’re experiencing challenges, you decide to help someone else and in doing so you get such an enormous feeling of gratitude and that amazing feeling helps to change your mental state. So, worst case scenario if you can’t accomplish your ABC’s at the moment, at least go for D, that is “go deep.”




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