Self Preservation & Goals vs Social Change & Solidarity:

relentless the fixerRoutine Preservation
For a long time I’ve been bunkered in my own world. It happened by default; the successful writing career, the failed marriage, the new business relationships and the change in geography. All of that conveniently cushioned by the money that comes as a result of my talent, my audacity and my drive. Okay wait, my connections, my tech savvy know-how and my own human resources. (Okay, all of that) Add to that, my own family has scattered and so have my friends. But I’m not alone. So many of us (maybe you too) venture off into distant worlds, places that entice us or places that we visited. We get comfortable and if we’re lucky we find our “happy spot.”

Others however, have found their way back “home.” Childhood friends, people you went to school with, neighbors and people from your work force of old. None of that works for me. My family is all over the place; there was no “family doctrine” or ritual that we followed that calls us together every year.

Maybe there are “sectors” of the family that do this, but I’m not embraced by them. Nothing real going on. Fact is, I’m the outcast who finds comfort wherever he is, whatever he’s doing. I can identify that great energy, connect myself to it and therein lies my happy spot. That is not to say that I do not care about those who have crossed my path. I just know that life affords us a certain window, and I’d like to experience as much of it as I can with the time awarded me. Having said that, and having experienced so many different people and different walks of life, I know how to preserve myself. I know how to protect myself and I know how to stay progressive. At the end of the day, I bring it all back home for all to experience however vicariously through my words. My personal goals are mixed in with my career goals. My career goals add up to my life’s purpose.And I’m focused. Staying focused means self control, control over my assets and my liabilities. It means control over my responsibilities. Washing my ass. Flossing. Eating right… in that order. Entangled in my equation is always my ability to give. I have been giving for decades. I’m not talking about merely writing but sharing resources and helping others so that they may experience some level of success in their own lives. This is my peaceful, successful, anointed, fruitful journey. It keeps me out of trouble 99% of the time, it keeps me productive and accomplished and I get to live out my legacy here.

Social change? Solidarity?

I’m living that in virtual ways. I watch the foolery and the poor decision-making online. I’m not interested in banging my fists up against walls or exerting unknown physical and mental torment by lashing out at the powers that be for shit that other people cannot control.

Who are “the powers that be?” Maybe it’s the security guard in the local CVS, who also carries a gun but who decides that he wants to show-out in the parking lot. Maybe it’s the community watch dog who goes above and beyond the call of duty to preserve “the quality of life” in the neighborhood. Maybe it’s the school security guard or local law enforcement or whoever wants to express themselves by exercising their ego… It seems that this is a never-ending dilemma: Who’s ego will be stroked today? Who will be disrespected and shamed in front of others? Who will be nasty and cut someone else off on the road? What cop is experiencing a psychosomatic imbalance and decides to bring that issue to work with him? Who is it that’s walking around with a chip on their shoulder today? Who said something about someone else, and who else feels the need to prove themselves today? Bigger than all of that, who feels the need to try and use their cell phone as some type of weapon?

I don’t know about you but, this shit is so predictable, how human beings can’t get along. Or if they have the resources or knowhow maybe they can. It’s just the spinning wheel of circumstance and coincidence playing out for us on TV and computer and cell phone every day all day. Some of it is new and unique #OMG! and a lot of it is predictable.

Most of us are not involved and we sit and watch it, comment and troubleshoot from the comfort of our secure homes. Me? I’m doing life my way. I’ve got my own mountains to move, nevermind yours. If you’ve got issues I hope you have a family member or friend to turn to; someone who’s smart and savvy. And then there’s always 911. Okay, so that might be my “tuff love” for the day, but its the truth. You’ve gotta play the cards you’ve been dealt. Play them well, and I’ll see you at the finish line! #Relentless

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