10408591_10152952162445733_1447442613134516111_nSO THIS GUY is OBVIOUSLY amazed or appalled at me having my imac/working here in Starbucks. So from a distance he goes for a cellphone snapshot. When that works, but not “in your face enough” to accomplish his mission, he moves closer, bunkers in the corner to get the money shot. Thing is, I realize the position I’ve put myself in is gonna get attention by default. So it doesn’t bother me; something like the lion in the cage is not moved either way by spectators/mere humans, outside of the cage with their catcalls, cameras and cynicisms. I’ve grown numb to it/minding my business. But I just wonder what YOU Sir Whitey would do if I did the same thing… if I felt myself entitled enough to approach you, someone who’s harmless, minding his own business within the laws and rules? Would you call it “creepy“? An invasion of privacy, offensive, or even “taking your picture without your permission?” And then, would the local police come and arrest me for whatever municipal law they’d like to enforce, if only to appease you? Just thoughts this afternoon as you grow balls there behind my computer screen. I have no complaints/don’t get it twisted. “I was juss a’thinkin out loud suhh” ‪#‎writer‬ ‪#‎ENTREPRENEUR‬ ‪#‎stalker‬ ‪#‎justsayin‬


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