• 15 Adjustments I'd Like To Experience:

1) i'd like to see some illusory, unexplainable, invisible force smack anyone in the back of the head who wears their pants below their waistline in public.

2) i'd like an app with pushbutton technology, to correct any woman I see in public showing her ass crack.


3) i'd like to see a 10-foot tall police officer running after a midget who just broke the law and took off.



4) i'd like to see some secret home video of an infant pissing on his abusive babysitter.

5) i'd like to see Woody Allen, R Kelly, & Bishop Eddie Long confined to the same 4x8 prison cell as Charles Manson for five years.

6) i'd like to see seven zeros in my bank account and not just one.

7) i'd like to see Michelle Obama in a two-piece swimsuit. 

8) i'd like to see a $100,000 interest earning annuity as well as a $100,000 cash-entitlement distributed to every Black American over the age of 30.

9) i'd like each and every prisoner around the world to have a 20-book success library in their jail cells.

10) Everyone should be required to be naked for one day per month. 

11) anyone who commits a violent act should succumb to the same attack as enforced by some law of nature.   

12) everyone is born with a hard work ethic

13) i'd like to see my life-clock rewind back to 1970


14) no one is permitted to change or alter their body by any superficial means 

15) The only law, rule, belief or desire (for any living being) is love.

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