Stem Cell Commercials, Infomercials & Testimonials

When I filmed, produced and edited infomercials, television commercials and testimonial videos for a couple of chiropractors during the past 10 years, I had no idea the impact it would have on their businesses and the community at large. Its been said that "Chiropractors are not real doctors." But I fare to differ. I've seen these professionals at work. I've visited their working environments, their homes, at events, and we've broken bread together. I must say that you learn a lot about a person when they are not in their professional environments. And across the board I've observed "balance" a good heart, and integrity. That said, I thought about the work I've done for these professionals and can't help thinking that I appreciated the work I've done for them and the people that they've touched. I've witnessed, some folks bring their entire families to get "adjusted." I've heard and filmed testimonials where lives were transformed. And I'll never forget the elderly woman who talked about the pain she was experiencing and then suddenly launched a short "praise dance." What a moment! I'll post that short clip below. But I wanted to take the time to announce my interest in working with other stem cell therapists, chiropractors and other professionals in the metro atlanta area; some who may have experienced high priced video production companies and certain "subscription based" initiatives that charge tens of thousands of dollars per month just to be connected to video templates. Chiropractors and stem cell practitioners d=are not video producers so I don't expect them to have the best footage, the best lighting, sound or editing. But I am here with my team to say "LET'S CHANGE THAT!"


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