Smackfest Conclusion

What if @willsmith got up, and instead of attacking @chrisrock he kissed @jadapinkettsmith on her forehead… gave her a quick, supportive hug, and sat back down? What a GAMECHANGER that would have been! Yeah we’ve heard so many commentaries and interviews relating to this issue of shoulda, coulda, woulda. But I haven’t heard this scenario! Let’s practice LOVE over IMPULSIVE REACTIONS.

I'm laying this to bed; needed to import my voice here.

I'm no psychologist, but my common sense gets the checks and the applause. Here's my ultimate call: Will Smith didn't smack Chris Rock. He smacked everyone who ever uploaded a photo about Him & Jada. He smacked all the comedians with their jokes over the past few years. He  even smacked the evening news broadcasters across the country. Just anyone who ever had anything negative to say about him and his once-personal entanglements. This was but Road Rage, only played out for the global collective; dressed up in a suit and tie.

But dude went out with a bang. He got the Oscar, one of the highest awards of our generation; he won that over Denzel (of all people!), and by resigning he takes the power away from the Academy. They can't expel him since he already pulled out. And just to keep from appearing cocky about it, Will "accepts any punishment the Academy tosses his way." Nigga please. What can they possibly do, fine him? Are they banning him from any other awards presentations? So what? If you ask me, the academy is at a crossroads, with their tails up their asses. This shit is all in Chris Rock's hands now. Will he sue? Will he settle? Okay but whatever Will feels, whatever Chris decides... none of that helps me, or other Black men and women who are left with the trauma. This was powerfully painful to watch, to experience, and even to argue about. It opens wounds, reminds us of our issues, and thru our explanations we're all hurting.

As for me, I'm having conversations with my children, the women and men in my circle, and done. We're good, after all this is my tribe. We're building, growing, excelling and progressive, Will or no Will. Chris or no Chris.

And for the rest of us, I pray that we heal, grow from this and most importantly, practice love, and not violence against one another. After all, lets realize that while we read this there's another police shooting a Black man, there's another Black relationship dissolving and there are way too many homeless folks tryna figure life out in the cold.

And now back to your regularly schedule program .



SIDENOTE: This is an #OPRAHWINFREY moment. She's the next best person to intervene, the next largest platform or thought leader to have these two men on stage, together, and for some real conversations to be had about Black Pain, Black Hate and Black Love. Grab some thought leaders who are not so much into the self promotion, and this could be a tremendous takeaway for all the families, the fans and the rest of us who have experienced similar pain, and who's scars were opened but for this event. Please and thank you. R



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