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24 HOURS is all we get.

And we're charged and challenged with getting and giving the most we can during this time. Anything less means you've squandered your presence here. Anything wayward means you may have  fcuked up and need to do better. And by now there are plenty of videos, blogs and podcasts that you can watch FOR FREE, that will direct and guide you. Covid-19 has even awarded you with some free "paid-leave." YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE! Everything you need is available and within reach. Once again you have no excuse.. We are in a world that has made the great pivot and has forced you to pivot along with everyone else. No matter what you have accomplished up to this point, none of that matters! YOU WERE ONCE FAMOUS? Ok, the new world we're in is telling you "SO WHAT YOU'RE FAMOUS! HOW ARE YOU HELPING ME!?" Yes, you are now forced to pivot along with everyone else. This is a brave New World requiring brave new moves, new risks and new rewards. Get with the program. Also, if you're lucky enough to have escaped your need to pivot, good on you! As for the rest of us, GET A MOVE ON! GET UP, GET OUT and DO SOMETHING! RECOGNIZE! DON'T BE LAZY! DON'T PROCRASTINATE!

My latest involvements:

Built a 9-hole miniature golf course here at "The Relentless House". Soon affording "Midnight Golf" for couples who come (by appointment) for dinner.

New cash flow systems include 3 new cars loaded onto the Turo platform, a crypto-currency investment that nets me hundreds of dollars everyday, buying and selling major appliances, and also cashing in on wood pallets.



Thanks to D-Nice for the END OF BROADCAST SHOUT OUT.

And the mix was EPIC! Click the pic to play the broadcast

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