The Most Important Coffee Shop On The Planet Earth – Starbucks, Conyers Ga

Welcome to Starbucks in Conyers Georgia, “the most important coffee shop on the planet Earth.” It is not because of resources, or even access to resources, that this is the worlds most “important” coffee shop; it’s because this shop is the most resourceful community with its many resources. And, as customers, webern nadette stanis do this by default-compassion. Yes, we hold many resources amongst us, be it talents, knowledge or connections. And as one of those customers, I have realized my own resources as well as my potential to “be resourceful.” All I know is that I have put that ability to work for me and others.

I have helped others find work. I have helped raise money, food & clothing for various dire needs. I have done this with my own personal power, so imagine what we’re doing as a community of resourceful folk. Here’s some of it:

A philanthropic friend of mine took a homeless man to get eyewear, he also gave the same guy a roof over his head for more than a year/no charge. Another friend of mine gave that same homeless man some work, as well as a laptop computer, while still another gave him a gym membership so that he could clean up after himself. You should’ve seen the transformation! There was a house fire here in town that took the lives of a few young children and left a few living. This most important coffee shop on Earth raised money FOR TWO MONTHS, both at the counter and the drive-thru, all of it deposited on behalf of the family. These are just a few of the positive interactions I’ve witnessed, besides those I’ve received myself. I am walking, talking evidence that we are a resourceful community, despite the trying times we’re always hearing about. And all of this… all of it is the result of networking, communicating and planning right here at Starbucks in Conyers Georgia. Making the best of what we have, right where we are. No need to run to the big city. No need to take the resources out of the neighborhood. Yes, this is the most important coffee shop on the Planet Earth. Here are some more reasons why:

If you have a not-for profit community initiative, we know that (already) you’ve proven a certain credibility and that you exist to help others. So, its only right that we reach out to help you raise a money and/or awareness in your quest. When you get a moment stop by our Facebook Page.
This is where we post for initiatives and organizations we support.
We recently assisted one of television’s biggest stars; I’m speaking about Bernadette Stanis, better known as “Thelma” from the hit TV sitcom “Good Times.” Here at Starbucks in Conyers Georgia we helped Bernadette raise thousands of dollars for her Alzheimer’s foundation and related initiatives. Here’s more information about her efforts. REMEMBERING THE GOOD TIMES

Sure, Conyers is small in a world of big cities and historic towns. However, here in our little town, population 15,408 (2012 census), we help organizations such as free health clinics, battered women’s shelters, food banks, and even efforts to assist teenaged mothers as well as spreading awareness about organ donations. Yes, this is a small town in our massive nation, however, in this small town there is a big heart, And it beats right here at the world’s most important coffee shop.
eric estrada at starbucks conyers georgia relentless aaronOkay, so maybe your interest is not necessarily those nonprofit initiative; well, here at the world’s most important coffeeshop, we also welcome and embrace a community of entrepreneurs, professionals, sports legends, as well as large and small personalities who travel through or who reside nearby. Whether it is the legendary Eric Estrada-arguably the first Latino sitcom star (bka Officer “Ponch” from the renowned TV show “Chips“), or NFL titans like Daniel Buggs (NY Giants, Redskins) & Ervin “The Blueprint” Parker (Seattle Seahawks). Or perhaps you’re more familiar with singers such as jodithompson mcgriffcomedians and comedic actors like Jodi Thompson (Sweet Home Alabama), or McGriff, whos appeared on BET Comic View and Bad Boys of Comedy and of course there’s the legendary funnyman, Comedian C. Davis, who hosts all of our monthly comedy events.

Okay, so yes, the worlds most important coffeeshop might also compete for the most talented coffeeshop, but we cannot forget our community leadership,

such as State Senator Ron Ramsey and or County Commissioners and Magistrates. We cannot forget our large and small business moguls, our fitness center owners, our licensed plumbers, carpenters, chiropractors, concert promoters, holistic & relationship counselors video & website producers, doctors and health & financial experts, and uhm… pole-fitness anyone?
Proprietors of clothing shops, dog kennels and a host of real estate and legal professionals all call this Starbucks store “home.” We cannot forget them as relentless aaron and key once' bowlesthey too people the most important coffee shop on earth. They connect with other resources here, as well as they hire others to help build their brands. Last, but certainly not least, we cannot forget the law enforcement, the dentists, the home-security & surveillance specialists, most everyone being resourceful.  And we definitely don’t want to miss the reverends & preachers who come here for their occasional cup of coffee. All of this fantastic, vibrant, progressive energy under one roof, here at Starbucks of Conyers Georgia

But WAIT!  Did you know that we produce monthly and weekly comedy & music events here? Did you know about the numerous videoclips that you can see on YouTube?
 That world renowned coffeeshop is known as Starbucks, and its right here on highway 138 in Conyers Georgia. Oh yes, if you listen closely during the quiet hours, you might just hear that heartbeat I mentioned. And also, if you’re lucky you might even run into an author with just a bit of notoriety.


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