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Bell Hooks Is A More Vicious Terrorist Than Beyonce Can Ever Be

Yes, Bell Hooks Is A More Vicious Terrorist Than Beyonce Can Ever Be, because Bell KNOWS BETTER! Bell Hooks is EDUCATED and SMART and BOOK-READ and SCHOLARLY and PUBLISHED and NOTABLE. She’s all that, and STILL SHE IS NO DIFFERENT… SHE SHITS & NEEDS TO WIPE HER ASS LIKE THE REST OF US. So, then why does she use her mighty sword to cut our young gems… our sisters and brothers who might stumble into success and fame. Why does she not instead embrace and encourage? Bell, you appear to be angry and frustrated, and that you sleep with a wooden pole up your ass.

Now, let me preface this with “I LOVE #BELLHOOKS ” I’ve read her books, and appreciate her position. WHAT I DON’T AGREE WITH is that we OSTRACIZE these celebrities, as if they know better.

We get up on these panels, and in public we take guesses and make assumptions WITHOUT doing our research on the things we make opinions about.

We use “being rich & famous” as the excuse for us to persecute the subject. Why not invite Beyonce into the conversation without being so confrontational… without turning her into a pirriah and a martyr? Do you think she’s been influenced by her “crew”? By her current relationships? Maybe even by the marketplace and whats going on in the marketplace? I’m blaming none of that and ALL of that, but I’m saying i with LOVE, because I know better. I know that its always US vs THEM, and it turns US, (whoever that happens to be) into the worst assailant. AN EVEN WORSE TERRORIST. You hide behind the psychological game, the challenge of her “wealth” and her “popularity,” and

the fixers among us should frown on responding and not get sucked into your trap.

With your intelligence, your education and your hifallutin audiences, you need to reach out in a different way to engage in conversation that is productive and encouraging. Number one, your so-called good intentions should be sculpted and crafted to reach the younger, impulsive audiences to help them understand. Instead, your long-ass download will be chopped and screwed and perceived as a crude attack on all of us, beca indeed all of us ALL OF US are GUILTY of the intoxicating things we are a part of… those that we endorse, embrace and promote, however indirectly. You’re in effect turning more haters to join “your side” and “your opinion” as apposed to educating.

You’re supposed to be a teacher, BellHooks, and I’m ASHAMED to be your fan now that I understand your position. You’re no worse than the fool who shoots up a classroom of children, or the rebels who kidnap our little African girls. Your intelligence-card stinks like manure. Why would Beyonce even respond to content like this, not to mention those involved? I hope you make your sorer sisters and frat bros proud of you for your attack on another prized sister and her fellowship, be they fan, friend or colleague. #Relentlessaaron

El DeBarge – “Second Chance”

This was a prized event to capture. El Debarge is such an icon of our culture; an icon of success, struggle,relapse, etc. My life is enhanced by knowing folks like El, whether they are celeb or not. I appreciate the connection on human levels, the resourcing and recognizing varying common human values that we share. “People First” #Relentless

Club Music Break!

Robin is That You??? (My Short Shari Belefonte Story)

Shari Belefonte is Really Robin from Jersey

Stumbled upon this picture of a #NewJersey promoter named Robin. Thing is, for more than a year of running into her, autographing my books for her and even welcoming her to my home… all the while I thought she was #sharibelefonte and that #robin was some kind of pseudonym she wore for whatever reason. I figured “hey thats the reality of #harrybelefontes daughter” There was a moment at the dinner table when Robin put her hand on my wrist and said: “i need you to understand that I AM NOT #Sharibelefonte #wowmoment LOL #relentlessaaron #mylife #blackinstagram #conyersgeorgia #publishedauthor #thegormetauthor #urbanlitking #urbanlit #blacktwitter #inspiring #entrepreneur #writer #inspiring #lifecoach #mountvernonnewyork

This Is How I Get It In @Starbucks at 9pm, After A LONG Day of Work! Lose Yourself!


GREETINGS TO MY NEW FRIENDS! (AND FAREWELL TO THE FAIRWEATHER FRIENDS) #relentlessaaron #blackinstagram #conyersgeorgia #publishedauthor #thegormetauthor #urbanlitking #urbanlit #blacktwitter #inspiring #entrepreneur #writer #inspiring #lifecoach #mountvernonnewyork Facebook-20140508-072612





I WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO COMPLY AND TO URGE OTHERS TO COMPLY with your wants, desires and suggestions to 1) maintain some moral center, 2) to step up our education and 3) to be respectful of our elders…. I’ll do that if you’ll MAKE ME A DEAL. If you expect our million dollar basketball players, our Wal-Mart workers with the 7 kids, our football players who can’t read, our “lower economic people” like (who you keep referring to as “THEY”) the Shaniqua’s, Taliqua’s and Mohammeds-from-the-corners, the jail cells in their orange suit… if you will make ME a deal sir, and STOP BEING SO DAMNED DISCOURAGING, AND HATEFUL AND PATHETICALLY SCORNFUL to people who were not raised as you were raised, who did not attend the schools you attended, or who did not realize the amount of luck & success that YOU’VE realized… Sir, if you would quit playing God, pretending like you’re Mister-Know-It-All, when you can’t even control your OWN children, or the tool in YOUR pants… If you could be less condescending and mean-spirited and perhaps be more encouraging and understanding to those who are apparently beneath your way of life & standards of living… IF YOU COULD DO THAT MISTER COSBY, then I’d see you as less the WILLIE-LYNCH-COSBY and more as the icon you’ve become. I hate to say this, but its the truth; all you FRATS and SORORS THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE, THAT IS UNTIL THE SHIT HITS YOUR OWN FAN! SHIFT YOUR DELIVERY of these messages to be more a PRO than a CON and I’ll see you as less of a FRAUD. #CHURCH Still a fan, #RelentlessAaron

 — atStarbucks.

Jada Has Her Own Twisted Perspective; She’s Dead Wrong On This One/13yr Old Daughter Willow Gets Sexy

Willow Smith Gets Sexy at Age 13

I’M GONNA HAFTA DISAGREE WITH Jada Pinkett Smith on this one. I LOVE THE SMITH FAMILY. HOWEVER, the truth is the truth! The picture of Willow in bed/lying down with an older, bare-chested male is ENTIRELY sexual. She looks like she’s relaxed, cuddled up, before or after sex. #YOUTRIPPINBOO #STOPIT — at Starbucks.

Tyrese Is On Point, But Left Out A Minor Detail – Rappers & Singers!

Okay, Ty, but keep it really real. I know you’re not getting on rappers & singers, but lets look at that as well… how the rap lyrics are leading the lamb to the dead sea, and how tees “Independent lyrics” (to the left-to the left) are misguiding young women in their relationships. “The Love Bubble” Love that concept. Running with it!  Wine at Starbucks of Conyers, Ga.

Some Music I’m Appreciating Lately




I’m looking for Olivia Pope.

This is a sincere outreach to YOU, the woman who is as resourceful, as daring, and with as beautiful a personality as the amazing Olivia Pope. I have a DREAM JOB for you, to work with me and my company EAST ATLANTA MULTIMEDIA, here in Conyers, Georgia. We have been consistently serving clients in Rockdale County, and are now reaching beyond our territory, into more of Atlanta and bordering states. I need someone savvy, someone who is a good networker and SOMEONE WHO CAN CLOSE DEALS. This is not a desk job, nor is it just “a check” because you look pretty. I need someone who can SHOW ME THE MONEY… I need someone whos video is keeping with her audio; meaning, be able to do what you SAY you can do.
I placed an ad earlier this week, and I wanted to be clearer, as we are aboit to launch a TV campaign (for new business) and I require a woman who can handle the job.

Gotta love that Olivia Pope! She’s CONNECTED, CLEVER, and overall, she’s RESOURCEFUL.
I am looking for someone like Olivia to drive large business here in Atlanta and ultimately nationwide. I’m a successful author, arguably the top breadwinner/most notable in my industry. Yes, I know you “don’t read”. I’ve heard it a million times, but I’m a successful film maker as well, producing documentaries, tv shows, commercials and small dvd projects for small and large clients. I handle all video concerns for State Senator Ramsey, as well as the NAACP here in Rockdale County. Furthermore, besides producing commercials, billboards on The Interstate and websites for every sort of business/kennels to chiropractors, I produce monthly and weekly events here at Starbucks in Conyers, Ga. And now Ive picked up a weekly jazz event/same franchise. Folks, I’m a busy body.
I need a dealmaker. A closer. A resourceful woman who can take the VIP-steering wheel as well as the passengers seat, whether its booking me for speaking engagements, or booking appointments for new clients… I need someone to craft these proposals for Netflix, where my books will be turned into films. I need YOU “Olivia” to be savvy enough to drive the Relentless brand through the roof.
Research, as well as my company site, then contact me to have that all-important phone interview before we meet. This is not an Internship, this is the job of a lifetime.

Where’s My Water?

2013-11-12 08.59.28

A friend of mine here at Starbucks was just telling me how his order was screwed up yesterday. But its not what you think. It was a simple foul: with his bakery product and coffee, he also ordered a cup of water. In short, they forgot the cup of water. He asked again for a cup of water and minutes later they didn’t come through. It got to a point where he thought “never mind” and he left the counter feeling slighted. Only today after some conversation did he realize what happened yesterday.

So what happened to Marv’s water?
Marv felt that because of his association with one other person in the store (different story altogether… #predator) that the staff was less than interested in giving him anything else or anything more than what he paid for. Except I knew better. So I informed Mark that yesterday was a special day at Starbucks, in that there was a big special on frappacino’s. Frapuccino’s are arguably the biggest drink at Starbucks. It’s probably the frappe and the coffee going head-to-head for your dollar. So if on this one day a sale of a certain drink requires the management to hire as many staff members as literally possible, just to service the frappe sales, there just might be a little nirvana going on behind the counter. (Something Marv wasn’t aware of). Explaining that to Marv called up some understanding and he says “I’ll give them a pass” for yesterday.

So I use this mornings miscommunication to ask you all what is the miscommunication in your life? How many of us have overlooked something or how many of us have forgotten something, only to be charged, accused, persecuted or blamed for some intentional purpose? And then we have to wonder what is considered intentional? And is or was this something intentional… an oversight? Folks we are a culture that LOVES to point fingers and place blame. Sure, I believe that most if not all of us want what’s good in life and have a great objective underlying the superficial. There is SOMETHING credible about what we want, who we are & what we do. Yes, we’re good, God-fearing folks. (Most of us, anyway) But indeed there are those of us who are on the hunt and who are out for blood and guts and Mayhem. So clearly we need to be on guard at all times or else we will be mincemeat. But for the most part, there is no need for us not to have an open heart and to at least offer up a smile or a kind gesture to the next person. Follow your heart, yes… use that 6th sense, but essentially I’m suggesting that we smile and spread love and hopefully all the chips will fall into place.

How does that connect to Marv?
Marv is in a good place in his life and he is able to give some oversight. Marv is able to say “I’ll give them a pass,” as apposed to taking things personally, yelling or complaining. No, Marv is not taking it personal that he did not get his cup of water. But Marv is intelligent enough, patient enough and disciplined enough that he is also understanding enough. Nothing so simple can stress him because his mind and body are balanced. So are you understanding enough in your life? Are you looking at someone’s oversight as an intentional action? And if you have identified the individual who is the predator among you, are you able to love that person from a distance? That is my problem getting to a place where I can love everyone from a distance especially the predator. I’ll need to work on that since I believe in and want to practice “no person left behind” without prejudice. #Relentlessaaron