Bell Hooks Is A More Vicious Terrorist Than Beyonce Can Ever Be

Yes, Bell Hooks Is A More Vicious Terrorist Than Beyonce Can Ever Be, because Bell KNOWS BETTER! Bell Hooks is EDUCATED and SMART and BOOK-READ and SCHOLARLY and PUBLISHED and NOTABLE. She’s all that, and STILL SHE IS NO DIFFERENT… SHE SHITS & NEEDS TO WIPE HER ASS LIKE THE REST OF US. So, then why does she use her mighty sword to cut our young gems… our sisters and brothers who might stumble into success and fame. Why does she not instead embrace and encourage? Bell, you appear to be angry and frustrated, and that you sleep with a wooden pole up your ass.

Now, let me preface this with “I LOVE #BELLHOOKS ” I’ve read her books, and appreciate her position. WHAT I DON’T AGREE WITH is that we OSTRACIZE these celebrities, as if they know better.

We get up on these panels, and in public we take guesses and make assumptions WITHOUT doing our research on the things we make opinions about.

We use “being rich & famous” as the excuse for us to persecute the subject. Why not invite Beyonce into the conversation without being so confrontational… without turning her into a pirriah and a martyr? Do you think she’s been influenced by her “crew”? By her current relationships? Maybe even by the marketplace and whats going on in the marketplace? I’m blaming none of that and ALL of that, but I’m saying i with LOVE, because I know better. I know that its always US vs THEM, and it turns US, (whoever that happens to be) into the worst assailant. AN EVEN WORSE TERRORIST. You hide behind the psychological game, the challenge of her “wealth” and her “popularity,” and

the fixers among us should frown on responding and not get sucked into your trap.

With your intelligence, your education and your hifallutin audiences, you need to reach out in a different way to engage in conversation that is productive and encouraging. Number one, your so-called good intentions should be sculpted and crafted to reach the younger, impulsive audiences to help them understand. Instead, your long-ass download will be chopped and screwed and perceived as a crude attack on all of us, beca indeed all of us ALL OF US are GUILTY of the intoxicating things we are a part of… those that we endorse, embrace and promote, however indirectly. You’re in effect turning more haters to join “your side” and “your opinion” as apposed to educating.

You’re supposed to be a teacher, BellHooks, and I’m ASHAMED to be your fan now that I understand your position. You’re no worse than the fool who shoots up a classroom of children, or the rebels who kidnap our little African girls. Your intelligence-card stinks like manure. Why would Beyonce even respond to content like this, not to mention those involved? I hope you make your sorer sisters and frat bros proud of you for your attack on another prized sister and her fellowship, be they fan, friend or colleague. #Relentlessaaron


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