I’m looking for Olivia Pope.

This is a sincere outreach to YOU, the woman who is as resourceful, as daring, and with as beautiful a personality as the amazing Olivia Pope. I have a DREAM JOB for you, to work with me and my company EAST ATLANTA MULTIMEDIA, here in Conyers, Georgia. We have been consistently serving clients in Rockdale County, and are now reaching beyond our territory, into more of Atlanta and bordering states. I need someone savvy, someone who is a good networker and SOMEONE WHO CAN CLOSE DEALS. This is not a desk job, nor is it just “a check” because you look pretty. I need someone who can SHOW ME THE MONEY… I need someone whos video is keeping with her audio; meaning, be able to do what you SAY you can do.
I placed an ad earlier this week, and I wanted to be clearer, as we are aboit to launch a TV campaign (for new business) and I require a woman who can handle the job.

Gotta love that Olivia Pope! She’s CONNECTED, CLEVER, and overall, she’s RESOURCEFUL.
I am looking for someone like Olivia to drive large business here in Atlanta and ultimately nationwide. I’m a successful author, arguably the top breadwinner/most notable in my industry. Yes, I know you “don’t read”. I’ve heard it a million times, but I’m a successful film maker as well, producing documentaries, tv shows, commercials and small dvd projects for small and large clients. I handle all video concerns for State Senator Ramsey, as well as the NAACP here in Rockdale County. Furthermore, besides producing commercials, billboards on The Interstate and websites for every sort of business/kennels to chiropractors, I produce monthly and weekly events here at Starbucks in Conyers, Ga. And now Ive picked up a weekly jazz event/same franchise. Folks, I’m a busy body.
I need a dealmaker. A closer. A resourceful woman who can take the VIP-steering wheel as well as the passengers seat, whether its booking me for speaking engagements, or booking appointments for new clients… I need someone to craft these proposals for Netflix, where my books will be turned into films. I need YOU “Olivia” to be savvy enough to drive the Relentless brand through the roof.
Research www.relentlessaaron.net, as well as my company site, then contact me to have that all-important phone interview before we meet. This is not an Internship, this is the job of a lifetime.



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