Time To Go – The RV Is Officially Up For Sale!


Awesome Camper/Motor Home Deal! Selling Old, Buying New RV - $1800 (Atlanta)

My RV is in Great condition, and it has served me WELL. The money I've saved,  the women I've laid, the business deals, all the home-cooked meals...

My RV got me front page news, its a haven from the blues, a world I choose. The peace of mind I feel allows me to express my truth...

I've written books here, shot films here, and thank God no collisions with any deer. No I don' smoke and I don't drink beer, but a glass of wine now and then, especially to bring in the year.

I am purchasing a newer model motor home real soon. Its got all the immunities, except way more room. The next level in my life, 2 levels before the moon. And I'll travel a little, maybe sing some tunes.

But for now I must say farewell to my friend. She's served me well/on her I'd depend.

"00h0h_5pipAr9ncla_600x450Old Reliable" should be her nickname, and thanks to Breaking Bad for all the "meth-lab fame."

Its the end of an era, Relentless you did that! From a cargo van, to a camper in 2 yrs flat.

A museum should own this! Yup, in time you'll see... the work I've done will make history!

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! It can be used as a home or an office on wheels! I just had a rebuilt transmission put in/January, so it runs smooth and is great on gas. I had a starter, alternator, and new batteries installed. My RV also has all the amenities such as the refrigerator/freezer, surround-sound entertainment, shower & bathroom, kitchenette, microwave & stove. Theres lots of storage. I currently used as it as my home; but I'm now moving to a new residence. The unit has a full sleeper in the rear for adult(s). Room for two kids in a 2nd sleeper. The tires are good. The vehicle is ready to drive on short or long trips. It has about 50,000 miles and can stand a couple hundred thousand more! Working generator; heat and AC also works fine. 1984 Chevy Strong 450 engine

00b0b_cjKeAjhKDko_600x450Update: I've decided to keep the RV



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