Memories of a Distant Holiday Gathering…

Within the first year of my arriving to Atlanta, there was this:


 professorking[1] richardlong1[1] richardlong2[1]As many of you know who read my stuff, I had the honor of meeting Professor Preston King at a Starbucks in-store Dec 12th in Atlanta. I had my books set up for sale; some wild-card-agreement with the manager who (at the time) was a go-against-the-grain type of guy… maybe the reason he’s no longer with the franchise? Anyway, that doesn’t change me making history inside this billion-dollar giant. I’ll make sure to add this slice to my forthcoming book; in the meantime I was just remembering those days and how certain Atlanta dignitaries treated me so well; I felt like a prize-writer. (A prize fighter?) Mr. King invited me out to his home (gated, jazz music, wine–you get the picture) and then to a quaint gathering of Atlanta’s elite. Included in the gathering along with Professor King were Andrea Young (Andrew Young’s Daughter), and Dr. Richard Long, distinguished author and historian.. The gathering was hosted a woman named Mae Gentry, the decendant of a famous painter.  Meanwhile, here are some flicks of my awsome Christmas Eve. BTW its such a blessing to have so many professors and teachers to applaud my work. If you happen to one of those who have met me or who are familiar with my body of work, please get in touch with me. I’d like to incorporate your voice into a project we’re putting together.


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