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I've enjoyed the consistent 3 years of weekly and monthly productions at Starbucks in Conyers, Ga. It was a nice run. I brought a lot of people to gather; they got married, they did business together, they enjoyed music and the atmosphere. One show was called Comedy, Music & Coffee. Another was called Wine Down Wednesday. With these shows I brought out and staged hundreds of performers, both known and unknown. Thank you to the Rockdale community for helping me to further my relationships and to ultimately develop more multimedia in our region. Activities that would not have taken place if not for my hard work ethic. So it was great routine productivity. More details and past experiences on our Facebook Group Page/link below. I thank you all for embracing my energy and the energy I create.

Starbucks April 2014 (96 of 124)



Starbucks April 2014 (82 of 124)


Indeed I have been putting people to work over the years, be it video editors, filmographies, graphic designers, street promotion and production assistant. We have a never-ending need for SALES PEOPLE who can market our services and make a healthy income in doing so. Naturally, the world has see this on ABC World News, where I hired book-sellers to sell and promote my book s on the streets of New York. Only, nowadays with our weekly jazz event in full swing, we pay jazz artists ever week/non-stop, to entertain our weekly gathering. Yes, I create movement, but I also fuel the economy in my small way. 10276018_10152359999975733_8135326796426877471_n

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