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THATS A LOT OF TALENT FOR ONE MAN. But, in case you think my life is some kind of cartoon, and that I require an alias, the fact is that I was born DeWitt Gilmore iii. However, I've created a global brand that has earned awards, global media exposure, and over a million fans. Everyone who respects the brand that I've built and the background that has delivered me here... they recognize me simply as "Relentless."

Above all the titles, I am a man with common sense, I also serve as a voice of entertainment, of advice and of many resourceful, thought-provoking commentaries.

Yes, I am the author, the publisher, the videographer and filmmaker. I am even a live event producer, be it jazz, Broadway, comedy or variety. I've done it all, with plenty of video, news articles and testimonials to represent and support my long track record.

Welcome to my home;

my "Relentless" world.

the last kingpin book

I have come to a point in my life where I have realized certain success and the processes by which to succeed. My life is all-too transparent, and my path and actions have been so consistent that the courage, work-ethic, talent, resourcefulness, creativity, focus and determination, giving and loving are all-too apparent in my long-term progress. Sure, I'm human, and I embrace my imperfections.

But while my wisdom, knowledge and experience cannot be denied, my presence has helped lawmakers and chiropractors and entertainers as well as "brick and mortar" businesses to achieve their goals.

My fellowship with readers, other authors/publishers and entrepreneurs is timeless. I have been consistent in doing this for decades, from New York to California to Atlanta, where I now reside. It is my hope that you will achieve greatness by studying and researching the work that I have done and somehow that you'd come away with jewels that will help you in your own life. This site is more than entertainment and more than the glory of my accomplishments; it is sincerely me being as resourceful as I can be, helping as many people as I possibly can while making a living and building a legacy in the meanwhile.

I am blessed to have the skill set that I have, where I can help many people move to the next level in their lives. Companies have been started due to my teaching and mentorship. World renowned singers and entertainers have realized value from my efforts. Of course so many authors have progressed because of my intense mentorship. Finally, there are so many readers who have testified how my words and ultimately my ideas have changed their way of thinking.

So I have come to realize that I am so much more than an author, a film maker or a tv producer. I am so much more than a publisher, a marketing guru or a photographer.

Photo-4741This morning, I said "Good Morning" to a lady that I recall seeing months earlier; a lady who said she "had a book." When I asked her, "hows your book going?" She said: "Oh you're the guy with the truck and the computer and all." lol I said "Okay, I'll take that."

But my point is that while you, you or you may not know the totality of my presence, my contributions or my skills... I am still changing peoples lives, if not merely adding value to their quest.

And of course you can't just run the streets talking about "I change lives!" and expect money to fall off of trees. So I also have the commercial side of my world where I entertain and where I realize residual income from my efforts. I must make a living, right? You're not taking care of me or paying my bills. So for all of you who judge me because I kiss the girls, or for those of you judge me because of my vulgar comments or my tough-love approach in life... before you judge me, do the math. You are the minority, and clearly not looking at the whole picture. You can't frown on me and what I do, but then turn around and shake your ass to the raunchy rap that is played at the family barbeque. You can't praise the latest violent action movie, but look at my blogs with the "I can't believe he said that" face. Thats called being judgemental and keeping double-standards. Family, I do so much community work. I help so many people from day to day. I am living my dream, free to be me, and accomplishing great feats. I ask you what's so wrong with that?  Like the rest of us, I'm just living on borrowed time, doin all I can with what I have/contributing to others in the interm. For as the saying goes, "to whom much is given, much is expected."

Thank you for dropping by, make yourself at home. #Relentless

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