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Because You're Looking For Solutions In Your Life

I'll be the first person to tell you I don't know it all. But I know a helluva lot. From a challenged youth, to a immature adult, to finally... finally on track, pursuing greatness, and still able to do so as a free man, by my own terms. #Winning

Single, And Yet Feeling Loved

"Time for a cool change..." Thats what The Little River Band sings and I wear that well. I figured I'd empty my mind some; let go of WANTING to love, and simply loving thru my work ethic and messaging. At SOME point, one out of so man billions of women will get it. Here's where I talk about it: LOVE (Coming Soon)

Wayward, Awkward & Yet Forward:

From the “White Rabbit” in Mt Vernon's Traphegan Elementary School to World Renowned Pied Piper. I did it my way. "Ours was the family that had a workaholic for a father, babysitters every now and then, and a very busy schedule of activities..." (Read more)

Eat or Be Eaten

...Life will definitely eat you up and spit you out if you allow it to. Life will test you and punch you and kick you and leave you for dead. but thank God we live in the world of choices. so you have a choice to be strong and survive and withstand the challenges of life, or to lay over and be eaten....