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Ready to organize my team at RELENTLESS HQ.

Seed funding is arriving within the next 30-60 days; funding that will subsidize our team or masterminds to push our projects forward. We currently have unfinished projects that include PODCASTS, FILMS, WEBSITES, BOOKS, WEBINARS and more. Our Relentless Masterminds will be expected to help direct and maintain these projects so that they're healthy, progressive and part of a system. The projects that are immediate include THINK & GROW RICH/A BLACK CHOICE, a project I began with Dr. Dennis Kimbro, the SUPERPRENEUR podcast, my newest book: "I Did It, You Can Too" as well as the electronic book versions and audio productions behind TOPLESS, PUSH, TO LIVE & DIE IN HARLEM, SUGAR DADDY, SEEMS LIKE YOU'RE READY, BUMRUSH, LADY FIRST, EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS, SINGLE WITH BENEFITS, RAPPERS R IN DANGER, TRIPLE THREAT, BURNING DESIRE and last but not least, THE LAST KINGPIN.

FURTHERMORE: We intend to launch some streaming properties as well as certain "series" that will be available on the OTT TV platforms.

In order to see these projects thru there will be a blueprint and business plan. The team will then execute on these projects. Our team will include creatives, directors and associate producers.

Finally, RELENTLESS HQ will undergo renovations, both interior and exterior. One of our major most footprints in business is due to our Bed & Breakfast business here in Atlanta. We intend to maintain that.

Our next level funding arrives this summer, at which point we will begin to plan our philanthropic initiatives, with focus on INVENTORS, SINGLE MOMS, DOMESTIC ABUSE VICTIMS, NON-VIOLENT EX-OFFENDERS, AUTHORS & ENTREPRENEURS. We will institute online programs for these candidates and once accepted they will be trained in our SUCCESS ACADEMY, under our RELENTLESS UNIVERSITY brand. Online training will include business preparedness, credit establishment, business & business credit establishment. Academy candidates will receive grants to help them through the 90-day study period, and graduates from the academy will receive grants to help them launch their business. There is more to come, but I wanted to set forth my intentions so that I can begin to identify the talents necessary for great conclusions in these initiatives. MORE TO COME!


Working Thru The Grief




We appreciate your support. Your purchase will be helping to get this film done! As well as it helps with expenses all the while.

My site is not a bubble. There are feelings up in here. I agree with Arnold




Who am I?

Probably a combination of ambition, consistence, ability and somewhere in that mix I'm a storyteller that was anointed God and Her Universe. Most of all, I am an experienced man, expressing my imagination, my inspirational life and emotions through words and images.

I was raised in the 4-square miles of Mount Vernon, New York (amidst my Westchester, Bronx and NYC family, but I grew restless and wayward and found myself with a big headache and a shit load of prison time. When I decided to do what I do best, that is, turn my lemons into lemonade, I was able to free myself inside of the walls and fences that confined me. Yes, right there in prison I found my calling. And how much anxiety filled me during those days, to complete book after book. I was feeling so accomplished! And recently I'm starving for that same juice! That same rhythm. This is a LIFE CHOICE.

So excuse me if I'm feeling myself lately, posting older video clips with dramatic moments and creative intentions. This I'm doing to inspire myself to get back on the ball, back to my masterful pen game... back on the throne that had been, is and remains my own to claim.


Peace & Love.


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True Story?

Just Ask & You Shall Receive

FACTS: Earlier the day I said to myself: "I want a Nubian Queen. I DESERVE a Nubian Queen." Was this "need" due to the sudden cold weather?  Or is it some itch-cycle and maybe I'm gettin "mannish?"  Not sure. But what I do know is that I've never been wrong, whether I like it or not; what I ask for, I get.


And so I did "manifest" this new thang. I won't say how we met, just that she was in my living room for some "business." I had been doing something else, but her energy encouraged me to sit down before her and we struck up some conversation. We were 6 feet apart, and she had on a mask. That is, she had on a mask until I asked her to remove the mask and  show me her pretty face. And there was that whole "ask" again. It was at this point that I was reminded that so many of us are wearing the mask just because its "Rhythm Nation" and for no other reason. Why else would she remove it? Just because I asked? And that's a valid reason during these Covid years? Or maybe it's my "personal power."

I gave her my business card and asked her to stay in touch.

Minutes later I sent her a text and asked her to come back when she had the time.

Two hours later she returned and I escorted her to my bedroom.

We quickly lay adjacent to one another on my bed and things began to escalate. I took a few minutes to tell her about me and I asked her some questions as well.

There was a point when her eyes begin to tear. I was so touched and moved by her emotion that I gravitated towards a hug, or hugs... And that human interaction led to more human interaction. And as if I was 20 something again, I found myself in an entanglement. lmao. No, I'm not in any committed relationship (except with my business). Sure, I tried time and again over the past few years... one even lasted 2 years and promised me a future. But that fell apart quickly and a more recent one fell apart quicker than that. And just when I got to enjoying my personal space and privacy, here THIS Beauty comes.

A few things stand out for me during our few hours together:

  1. She kept warning me that things were getting "dangerous." But err, hmm... me and danger are besties. I shrugged it off, focused on something else, I suppose.
  2. She never stopped my advances; in fact, she actually pulled me in closer... deeper kisses. I didn't mind the slight weed on her tongue since this was already becoming something I'd rather not interrupt. Wasn't it Oliver Wendell Holmes who said "A Man's mind, once stretched by the scent of a woman, never regains its original dimensions." Maybe I'm paraphrasing or misquoting (heh heh)
  3. And yeah, there was this moment she was fully engaged... when I was fully engorged, and she let up and said "that's just a preview."



I mean, for a time I was feeling like a celebrity once again; like the months when all the newspapers, TV & radio broadcasts spoke my name. The morning news, the New York Times, NPR...


Enjoying almost 3 hrs of pillow-talkin, kissin, playin with fire, learning one another’s bodies... and did I really have that infrequent tight grip on her neck?

... and damn the afterthoughts spinning in my head...

“wow it’s been a minute since I got this deep, this fast... Guess you still got it bro...You STUD!!!”

One instant she moaned ‘daddy... yes Daddy’ And I couldn't help but analyze: "I guess she's spot-on... so happens to be my absolute reality at the moment.”

And all this time I'm praying for "something real" to come into my life... perhaps the ex-wife, the ex-girlfriend or someone lurking in the midst of my social media. But instead that something real, or uhm, something really thrilling walks thru my door.

Sheesh... how fascinating it was to warm-up to “the business” without a whole lotta dating, texting or “qualifying.”  I mean, was she the lucky one or was it me?

From my perspective, reading my own mind, It was just “she's on fire,” and “What a body.” But I couldn't help wondering how much like Billy Joel, Sean Connery & Kevin Costner am I really? I mean, I don't act, rap or sing for a living, but, well I am gifted??? So would the Universe approve of this for me as it has for them in the movies? In real life? And besides that 30yr age difference didn't seem to matter much to her, right?

I mean, don't blame me! KING SOLOMON & PLAYBOY MAGAZINE started this shit!


Now my bed is lookin like scrambled eggs.

Every now and then Club Quarantine is echoing over my sound system "It's D-Nice, baby"

At about 3am I'm walking her to her troubled car, and I'm already mush, hands in my pockets, so relaxed and one with the full moon's glow. There's a sweet kiss and hug.

"Get home safe."

Now that we’ve gone all-the-way there, what’s next?”

Am I gonna get that fatal text message:

"Daddy, can I get $100?"

Or, "Hey Daddy, my car just broke down. Can you help me out?"

Damn. You can't win for losin out here, either way there's some expense involved.

Meanwhile I'm a little weak now. Wasn't pumped up with nutrition for that escapade and how fast it hit me. Then my inner voice again: “Old man you’d better getchoo some food, for you fall out“

And then it struck me that thing called SLEEP. And then I can dream, and I can imagine that this was all a dream. Or was it?

Black butterfly

Living, Loving & Learning

celebrating with wine relentless+house

24 HOURS is all we get.

And we're charged and challenged with getting and giving the most we can during this time. Anything less means you've squandered your presence here. Anything wayward means you may have  fcuked up and need to do better. And by now there are plenty of videos, blogs and podcasts that you can watch FOR FREE, that will direct and guide you. Covid-19 has even awarded you with some free "paid-leave." YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE! Everything you need is available and within reach. Once again you have no excuse.. We are in a world that has made the great pivot and has forced you to pivot along with everyone else. No matter what you have accomplished up to this point, none of that matters! YOU WERE ONCE FAMOUS? Ok, the new world we're in is telling you "SO WHAT YOU'RE FAMOUS! HOW ARE YOU HELPING ME!?" Yes, you are now forced to pivot along with everyone else. This is a brave New World requiring brave new moves, new risks and new rewards. Get with the program. Also, if you're lucky enough to have escaped your need to pivot, good on you! As for the rest of us, GET A MOVE ON! GET UP, GET OUT and DO SOMETHING! RECOGNIZE! DON'T BE LAZY! DON'T PROCRASTINATE!

My latest involvements:

Built a 9-hole miniature golf course here at "The Relentless House". Soon affording "Midnight Golf" for couples who come (by appointment) for dinner.

New cash flow systems include 3 new cars loaded onto the Turo platform, a crypto-currency investment that nets me hundreds of dollars everyday, buying and selling major appliances, and also cashing in on wood pallets.



Thanks to D-Nice for the END OF BROADCAST SHOUT OUT.

And the mix was EPIC! Click the pic to play the broadcast

Up To Date Relentless


Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 1.00.35 PM

LOVE THIS TALENTED WOMAN. When you get a chance, GOOGLE Cynthia Luciette. She's always in the pocket, always ready with the quick wit... and if you're not laughing with the rest of us you truly don't have a heartbeat.

Quarantine? Never Bored!

Dancing, DeeJaying, Disgusting

COVID-19 (Update) The world has been closed for business, and too many of us are still caught up in "Rhythm Nation," doing what we see others doing.  Dancing. Deejaying. And all-things-Disgusting. Copying what we think works; what we think is success. Meanwhile, we're squandering precious time that could be used mastering our craft, studying, or deep-diving on relationships. Are you getting your body in shape? Are you reading those books you've always said you'd read? Watching the informative Youtube videos you saved till later? How about cleaning out the basement, the closet, the boxes of paperwork? So many choices, and yet I'd bet you haven't chose ONE. How can you give away all this precious time that you suddenly have on your hands? The world is on "PAUSE" allowing you to take advantage of a certain "float" in time, and instead you're twerking on some livestream. You're trying to impress people with music we all already love. Meanwhile, this "lockdown" that is historic is just passing you by. You haven't wrote any books, created any new product, and not even a blueprint on how you will bounce back. I want to remind you, if someone hasn't already, that WE MUST DO BETTER. As of the creation of this post, you still have 2 weeks or more to get moving. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

We Can Help

Some help that a fellow businessman shared. Thanks James Bronner &  Family. 

If you've been financially impacted by the coronavirus, you may be able to pause payments on these 8 bills


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Useful Info

Lynnette khalfani-Cox is a longtime friend and really the people's advocate when it comes to credit, finances and resources relating to the same. Check out her commentaries on these challenging times.



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Crazy, Random World These Days…

Hard to tell if we've experienced the most, or if there's more to come.

From the natural disasters, to the man-made calamities, to the phantom virus that has slipped into our lives, I believe there's a perfect science to this existence. That reality may be difficult to grab hold of, but think of the extreme blessings we've been given, from the air and water we take for granted, toe the organs we maintain and manage... the eyes that can see as far as the moon... the sense of assessment that each person must master in order to cross the street or what to digest into our mouths. Yes, there are Gods wonders that we cannot control, and others that we can. And I take a wise guess these days to say that (I believe) we all needed this huge "chin-check" because we've been abusing the gifts. We've been disregarding the amount of mercy we enjoy, from our bodies being just 3 degrees hot or cold from deaths door, to this ever revolving rock we live on... one that can at any moment change course and roast like an over-cooked marshmallow.
Yes we take it all for granted, as if when we wake up this is all assured to still be here, still in working order, more abundance for us to over-indulge in. Thats why I always close my eyes, grateful for the blessings in my life, shouting in my mind "LIFE'S BEEN GOOD TO ME SO FAR!"
Carry on Earthlings. Be safe and know that you are blessed.

Recent Relentless Activities

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SUPERPRENEUR! Episode #44 “Routine Insanity”

Happy Holidays

Life’s Been Good To Me So Far!

Photo Journalist

I suppose it's just normal for us to want to make memories, to record what we see, even if it fills up our cellphones memory to nill. Hopefully these are some different, unique images, that with my written perspectives will give you a better packaging as to what it is, how it feels, vs how it appears. (Enjoy)