We’re All Scrambling For Available Resources

Yes, that's what we do and who we are: human beings scrambling for available resources. Some have an upper hand, more access, privilege, relationships and know-how where we can get more access, faster results, and we can sustain or drive momentum for ourselves and or our families. And there are still many others who do not have such luck, where it's a fight or a challenge to gain access to those same resources. We're either redlined by history, by our level of intelligence, learning curves... hell, we're even redlined intentionally or mistakenly. Throw the whole laundry list at human beings who are disenfranchised, oppressed or just all together off-grid. Here's the common denominator (if you're still reading)... the middle point to all of this is our health, our natural environment, our ability to care, to love and to assist others. TIME is a common denominator. MORTALITY too. So, in order for you to enjoy time, or realize quality of life, peace of mind or that productive, positive environment, you must be able to afford it. Thats cash, credit or an exchange of resources. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE THAT MATTERS IN THE REAL WORLD. Now if you're talking the spiritual world, that's an altogether different angle, a different allegiance and a community behind you that supports you, inspires you and may even fuel you. And yes, these concepts blend over into one another; they often mix, but in the end the question is HOW IS YOUR HEALTH? ARE YOU AT PEACE? ARE YOU LOVING & BEING LOVED? AND ARE YOU ENJOYING IT ALL?

This is the life we're living in a nutshell folks. You can sugarcoat it, paint it or compartmentalize all you want, but this is the X the Y and the Z of what we're all coping with. And I mean ALL OF US. I don't care if you are the biggest celebrity, the street urchin, Suzy homemaker or a successful/busy entrepreneur.

My "happy place," one I understand, one that frees me, and where I encourage others to dive-in is to have unlimited resources thru the use of vehicles like CREDIT, BUSINESS CREDIT, LINES OF CREDIT, and MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAMS that fuel, support and are part of SYSTEMS. Systems that are consistent, that can't be tricked or sidestepped. And that system or those systems must feed your specific overall plan and purpose. Because let's face it; we all have different hopes, dreams and desires. We look at joy different. We look at mortality different. And we are spread apart by geography, family, spirituality and economic structures. If you're following me, you will see that my way is a way that had easy entry, it allows for me to have that available time to enjoy life, to pursue my passions and to fulfill that void of love, of family and other hierarchal needs.

Deep or not, you don't need to agree with 100% of my points today. But what you do need to know is the access to available resources such as food, water, safety and security are at the top of ALL OF OUR LISTS. Those resources are required for you and your family, NO MATTER WHAT, whether you agree with me or not your quality of life effects your children, the environment they grow into, their ability to learn and comprehend and to execute on what they've been taught. And (no shade) but if you ain't got it, you're but a welfare recipient leaning on someone else or some other entity to survive. Or maybe you're claiming pauper status and you are "state property", or you've just given up and found yourself a tent to go off grid. But if you're not there yet, the easiest way to get it is thru credit worthiness. And then to sustain it requires either your hard work ethic or building consistent revenue streams.

I hope I've helped someone today.



Superpreneur: Episode 87

To say "I love my life" could never be a truer statement. To get to a point where I can stay in place, focused, creative and growing, evolving, achieving increase is the big flex. Thats the bigger "F" we all know as FREEDOM. I'm not only grateful, but too, I am helping people everyday to achieve similar results. Here's my latest podcast, its built from content I wrote in 2008? But I'm fining even my older content (my younger voice) to be as consistent as it is today. ENJOY! Please comment, like and share.


When you put yourself in a position to deal with people, you will indeed haft DEAL WITH PEOPLE. And to be honest, not to belittle any man or woman, but we are so common and basic at the core.We all must eat, sleep and shit.And if you're puttin a little extra sauce on life you hav some kind of skillset or talent or athletic ability that sets you apart from the majority. Beyond that there are the "special folk" who are super-talented, skilled with extraordinary ability. But for the most part, the mass majority is full of basic, common, average individuals. Nothing special, no Midas touch and full of basic needs just like the rest of us.

And then there are THE OTHERS. The others think they are so special, complete with overtures, dogmatism and extroverted, exhibitionist, polarizing ways. They are the loud barking, ass-clappin, drug abusers who only know one way in life: more drugs.

And I'm not speaking of dope like cocaine, meth or marijuana. I'm talking about folks that don't know peace, or humility or patience. I'm speaking of people who attract and create chaos, anarchy, misunderstanding and distortion.

Sure, distraction and disruption is okay since we are tired of the old boy network and how they've mishandled this place we know as Planet Earth. And we are certainly fighting for change. But THE OTHERS...they remind me of what I don't wanna be. They are TOXIC, no matter what skin tone they arrived in, EGOTISTICAL in every sense of the word, and PUSSIES when it comes down to conscious thought and sensitivity. I'd love to write today about love, passion, contribution and harmony. But I honestly believe that every now and then you and I both need that gut punch, that reminder that life is full of assholes and pussies.


Please read this, post this and memorize this if only for your own sanity and courage:

“My Creed

I do not choose to be a common man,
It is my right to be uncommon … if I can,
I seek opportunity … not security.
I do not wish to be a kept citizen.
Humbled and dulled by having the
State look after me.
I want to take the calculated risk;
To dream and to build.
To fail and to succeed.
I refuse to barter incentive for a dole;
I prefer the challenges of life
To the guaranteed existence;
The thrill of fulfillment
To the stale calm of Utopia.
I will not trade freedom for beneficence
Nor my dignity for a handout
I will never cower before any master
Nor bend to any threat.
It is my heritage to stand erect.
Proud and unafraid;
To think and act for myself,
To enjoy the benefit of my creations
And to face the world boldly and say:
This, with God’s help, I have done
All this is what it means
To be an Entrepreneur.”

Dean Alfange




Staying Busy, Productive & Diving into my WHY

Smackfest Conclusion

What if @willsmith got up, and instead of attacking @chrisrock he kissed @jadapinkettsmith on her forehead… gave her a quick, supportive hug, and sat back down? What a GAMECHANGER that would have been! Yeah we’ve heard so many commentaries and interviews relating to this issue of shoulda, coulda, woulda. But I haven’t heard this scenario! Let’s practice LOVE over IMPULSIVE REACTIONS.

I'm laying this to bed; needed to import my voice here.

I'm no psychologist, but my common sense gets the checks and the applause. Here's my ultimate call: Will Smith didn't smack Chris Rock. He smacked everyone who ever uploaded a photo about Him & Jada. He smacked all the comedians with their jokes over the past few years. He  even smacked the evening news broadcasters across the country. Just anyone who ever had anything negative to say about him and his once-personal entanglements. This was but Road Rage, only played out for the global collective; dressed up in a suit and tie.

But dude went out with a bang. He got the Oscar, one of the highest awards of our generation; he won that over Denzel (of all people!), and by resigning he takes the power away from the Academy. They can't expel him since he already pulled out. And just to keep from appearing cocky about it, Will "accepts any punishment the Academy tosses his way." Nigga please. What can they possibly do, fine him? Are they banning him from any other awards presentations? So what? If you ask me, the academy is at a crossroads, with their tails up their asses. This shit is all in Chris Rock's hands now. Will he sue? Will he settle? Okay but whatever Will feels, whatever Chris decides... none of that helps me, or other Black men and women who are left with the trauma. This was powerfully painful to watch, to experience, and even to argue about. It opens wounds, reminds us of our issues, and thru our explanations we're all hurting.

As for me, I'm having conversations with my children, the women and men in my circle, and done. We're good, after all this is my tribe. We're building, growing, excelling and progressive, Will or no Will. Chris or no Chris.

And for the rest of us, I pray that we heal, grow from this and most importantly, practice love, and not violence against one another. After all, lets realize that while we read this there's another police shooting a Black man, there's another Black relationship dissolving and there are way too many homeless folks tryna figure life out in the cold.

And now back to your regularly schedule program .



SIDENOTE: This is an #OPRAHWINFREY moment. She's the next best person to intervene, the next largest platform or thought leader to have these two men on stage, together, and for some real conversations to be had about Black Pain, Black Hate and Black Love. Grab some thought leaders who are not so much into the self promotion, and this could be a tremendous takeaway for all the families, the fans and the rest of us who have experienced similar pain, and who's scars were opened but for this event. Please and thank you. R



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The stories, the reposts, the ease of use and the addiction.

Thats me all day! Hey, aside from the eye candy, I'm living everyone else's life,

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The Age of Imagination

HOW AMAZING it was to come full circle, to collaborate with the man who's teachings changed my life.



If you think about it, most any rejection or experience has been for the good, whether you messed up accidentally or you were intentional about your choices or direction. Either way, it has always turned out to be that next level of your life. Think about it; we’ve all had those ratchet, foggy areas of our lives where we said or did something that we later regretted. What we did or said made no sense, to either of us. We even wanted to take it back. We wanted a do-over. I can picture a number of love relationships where this happened, and I hate to be the one who has remained consistent, only to find she has mucked up her life, or where she’s now at a dead end. I mean, all I can do is shrug! Who told you to make such a decision? Are you so blind that you couldn’t see the blessing before you? No worries tho! Someone else has! I’m using my own scenario to east light on a situation, no matter what kind of relationship took place. It could even be your business partner. Regardless,, there is positive in that situation. It could be that you learned a hard or soft lesson which could even save you from a greater calamity down the road with your next partner. It’s not even necessarily a bad decision, it’s just is the decision you made. “It is what it is.” Isn’t that the catchall? And no matter what, you’ve gotta still believe, have faith, march forward, figure out how this pivot will work in your favor. For God sakes, don’t be the next Worldstar video, lead down the perp walk but for your sour choices.

For me, I can name dozens of rejections that have earned me nothing but success.  And so maybe this post is an affirmation to myself… A reminder, if you will, that rejection and neglect and even straight fuckery has lead to nothing but good karma. I can count the many people who’ve approached me later only to say I was wrong about you. I listened to so-and-so and it was a mistake. I can only shrug at that point, because time stands still for nobody. You just got in your OWN way; blocked your OWN blessings.

But the naked truth is we did not belong. It wasn’t meant to be. I’m gonna go with, “God makes no mistakes,” even if that’s just cliche and subtle a way to say SMH.

Y’all carry on now. And stay Relentless.

Chaos, Circumstance, Credit

With all the uncertainty facing our world, it’s not easy to shrug it off, to pursue our passions or to enjoy life without thinking, considering or caring about others. Anyone that disagrees, or can turn a blind eye to the suffering we’re seeing is either dumb, blind or just plain evil. Too hard? Okay, we’ll then, at the very least, they’re in denial. Yes, yes, yes, you’ve heard or read me say “Life’s Been Good To Me So Far,” but I promise you that comes from a place of mercy, humility and gratitude for life, good health and the will to march forth. And not just for me, but for the people around me; the family, friends and fans that I support, or who support me.

But I’ve learned some things over the decades; and that has impaled me with wisdom. Education thru execution & experience.

Even the will to learn, to engage and to act is a specialty these days. Afterall, who among us had leader ship, mentors or teachers that taught us what we really need these days? I’m not talking about science, math, English or home economics. I would substitute and sacrifice all of that for basic necessities of the day. Things like credit, business credit and financial literacy. Even if you have the gift of gab, a mean 3-pointer or a razor sharp left hook, you still need to have good credit. Your life still requires a business to umbrella all those activities you think are personal, but that are really you running a business. You still need mentorship through the years. I know some gifted people who weren’t paying attention in school, but now all of a sudden they learned something that can benefit somebody and cha-ching; they’re paid, even if they stumble over their words or use the wrong words. I mean, I can’t be the only one cringing when I read “sorry for your lost” or “can I axe you a question?” So today, the basic skills aren’t even the same as the basic skills of yesteryear. And yet, the ones who hold the keys to life just happen to have been handed down the information, the wisdom and the resources. They’ve hoarded this information for so many decades, centuries even, and only as of the last decade or so have we been exposed to the real resources that can enable us, or free us.

Yes family, a real job has been done on us all this time, and only since the advent of the Internet have we been further exposed to all of this information, and we are shoving it down our mental throats, or we just are not; maybe telling ourselves “we only know what we know,” or “it is what it is,” or “these are the cards we’ve been dealt.”

Meanwhile, you, your parents and all the elders get to go through life struggling, never to enjoy the true fruits of their labors is such that others have. But now that you know the playing field is even, and that the information is out here, do you even have the will or the want to study up, or read up, or level up?
I feel that it’s our duty as parents to educate our children about the importance behind personal credit, business credit and financial fitness. I mean, at least we should know stewardship? And so, I have certainly beat it into my children’s heads that credit and paying bills on time is important. I’ve certainly encouraged them to maintain multiple revenue streams. But maybe you’re not there yet? I realize it took me some time to get here, and there’s no checks and balances that are set in place for all of us to excel in these areas. So, you want authordom? Do you want excellent credit? Do you want strong business credit to leverage with your personal credit? Do you want that extreme financial awareness that might help you survive things like Covid and things like recession and things like unemployment statistics? Maybe you want some other revenue streams like your own bed & breakfast, or a turn-key “AirBNB”… maybe a strong TURO business?

Look, I can throw the whole recipe book for you to look at, to see how I’ve earned a living over the past decade, but you’d never read it. It would be a long essay, just as long as it took me to create it and live it.

On the other hand, we have this technology here, so why not use it? Why not put it to great use and push ahead with what I’ve already been doing? Teaching, coaching and walking folks through this tunnel of successes I’ve achieved? So, I’m gonna post this commentary right here, while we prepare for the next level… YOUR next level. Because you surely don’t want to ride that hamster wheel all your life. You surely don’t want to sleep on the jewels I have to share with you. But most importantly, I know you want the ease, efficiency and systems that can bring your own success closer, faster, with more impact. Yes you do. And yes I want to help you. And to make it make sense, it will need to be a system. It will need to be on video, accessible to you around the clock. Take in these words and stay tuned for what’s next. Relentless

A Different World, Indeed

Sometimes I can’t believe it myself. How fleeting life is and how many opportunities I had to bury myself (yes, bury) but for the choices I made in my life.

Knowing this has inspired me to slow down a little bit, just as I see everybody rushing and hasty and desperate to move faster than this rock is spinning in orbit. It’s laughable when you think about it, how so many of us are just rushing around, putting our lives at risk and making poor choices but for to get somewhere faster than we were yesterday. And so, by this post I’m actually affirming to myself and to my loved ones that it’s important to slow down, to stop and smell the roses. The roses in our midst are the people that support us and love us and befriend us. Not the material items. Not our ability to make money. Not even in our ability to create. Granted those things might attract more people into our lives, but the truth is we are here for a certain amount of time. And we have a choice to enjoy that time, and to enjoy others in our midst or to blow that time for the sake of one upmanship, having more checkers than the next person, or building the bigger building. Yes ego and fascination and displaced esteem can really interrupt what I know to be peace, love and prosperity. You’ve acquired a lot of money, but are you happy? You have a bunch of toys surrounding you, a closet full of clothes you haven’t worn in years, and there are so many vacations you can’t decide where you’d like to call home. But again, are you happy?? Well that’s my rant for the day. I pray that you find peace and happiness and that there is calm, patience and wisdom in your every move. God bless, talk soon. Relentless

Here’s What’s Next…

now interviewing candidates for new podcast initiatives. inbox us at info@webfilmbooks.com


Ready to organize my team at RELENTLESS HQ.

Seed funding is arriving within the next 30-60 days; funding that will subsidize our team or masterminds to push our projects forward. We currently have unfinished projects that include PODCASTS, FILMS, WEBSITES, BOOKS, WEBINARS and more. Our Relentless Masterminds will be expected to help direct and maintain these projects so that they're healthy, progressive and part of a system. The projects that are immediate include THINK & GROW RICH/A BLACK CHOICE, a project I began with Dr. Dennis Kimbro, the SUPERPRENEUR podcast, my newest book: "I Did It, You Can Too" as well as the electronic book versions and audio productions behind TOPLESS, PUSH, TO LIVE & DIE IN HARLEM, SUGAR DADDY, SEEMS LIKE YOU'RE READY, BUMRUSH, LADY FIRST, EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS, SINGLE WITH BENEFITS, RAPPERS R IN DANGER, TRIPLE THREAT, BURNING DESIRE and last but not least, THE LAST KINGPIN.

FURTHERMORE: We intend to launch some streaming properties as well as certain "series" that will be available on the OTT TV platforms.

In order to see these projects thru there will be a blueprint and business plan. The team will then execute on these projects. Our team will include creatives, directors and associate producers.

Finally, RELENTLESS HQ will undergo renovations, both interior and exterior. One of our major most footprints in business is due to our Bed & Breakfast business here in Atlanta. We intend to maintain that.

Our next level funding arrives this summer, at which point we will begin to plan our philanthropic initiatives, with focus on INVENTORS, SINGLE MOMS, DOMESTIC ABUSE VICTIMS, NON-VIOLENT EX-OFFENDERS, AUTHORS & ENTREPRENEURS. We will institute online programs for these candidates and once accepted they will be trained in our SUCCESS ACADEMY, under our RELENTLESS UNIVERSITY brand. Online training will include business preparedness, credit establishment, business & business credit establishment. Academy candidates will receive grants to help them through the 90-day study period, and graduates from the academy will receive grants to help them launch their business. There is more to come, but I wanted to set forth my intentions so that I can begin to identify the talents necessary for great conclusions in these initiatives. MORE TO COME!


Working Thru The Grief




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