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Decisions are the life and death of us

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THE VERDICT. THE VOICES. THE AFTERMATH. Relentless Radio Goes Hard! (Audio)




The Guitar Man Excerpt

How Is Your State of Readiness?

How Is Your State of Readiness?

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Yesterday I witnessed one of my best friends landing his biggest (and most relevant) position to date. No, he wasn’t running for President, nor was he taking the bar to become a lawyer… nothing as significant as that. What he did “win” was positioning beside (and with) 2 of the biggest rappers of our day; I’m talking rappers that have consistently been on the TOP 10 list for the past 5 to 7 years. Yet, as much as we may have wanted to celebrate, this was the norm in his life just as it is in mine. What I mean is, this happens to us all the time, whether its my book deals, film deals or strategic alliances, or his alignment with some of our generations most important artists. This is our “zone.” We make deals. We substantiate progress with those we meet. And we correspond between one another in many ways and means. That’s why its the norm for us. We’ve also been raised by “entrepreneurs” who have achieved greatness in some way and those references have (so to speak) “rubbed off” on us. Not that it was in our genetics, but that we embraced and appreciated who our leadership was, what they taught us by their actions and accomplishments, as well as what we observed. That was enough to build strong references of success/however measured. But my buddy also assumed this new positioning with a state of readiness. Readiness means so much. It can be circumstance or chance, or pot luck. But even in that light, the success would not be realized without a “state of readiness.” Readiness means so much more than brushing your teeth before the big interview, or showering up before a date. Readiness means that you are experienced and educated and savvy about the tasks for which you are needed. How many of us are in a “state of readiness” where we are absolute in our experience and absolute in our preparation and absolute in our level of awareness and our savvy and our level of discipline??? Was the rapper 2 Chains “ready” when he recently fell victim to a highly publicized (on & off Youtube) armed robbery? Was Lauryn Hill ready when it came time for the taxes to be addressed? (NOT when the shit hit the fan, but at a time that prison could’ve been prevented?) Was your best friend “ready” when they recently received that pink slip? Can any of us be “ready” for a car accident in our path?

And on the other hand how many of us are just eager to assume the position, knowing we are not ready: we are not prepared, we are not absolute in our level of awareness and abilities in handling the task before us? In fact, I gamble that there’s a large number of people who are desperate, unprepared and over anxious to step up to the plate unprepared. Why??? Because we take shortcuts… or, we confuse risk-taking with being ill-prepared… or because its so comfortable to take the “easy” road. There are a series of reasons we take on things we can’t handle, or take directions we’re not “supposed” to take. But we already know how that story ends, where the work you’ve done is unacceptable, and that means your services are no longer required! YOU’RE FIRED! And now you might’ve even developed a bad name for yourself. So again I ask you how is your state of readiness?
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Readiness is one of the gifts that I received on Parris Island in Marine Corps Boot Camp training. No, this was not the most desirable circumstance in which to learn “discipline” (physical punishment/mental torment) but in fact it is the best circumstance to unlearn those trends that we were brought up with. Unlearning usually means “culture shock” or even a “significant emotional event” in our lives that forces us to get rid of the old and accept the new. When the drill instructors yell in your face they are creating that shock that is meant to shake you from your comfortable zone; the zone had has you accepting things as they are, as they’ve always been, and how you expect they will always be. Lol at how the Marine Corp had a steel-toed boot to put up my ass to show my different! But in fact, life is ever changing and requires us to be in a new state of readiness almost every day. Many of us want things to stay the way they are because our minds and bodies do not want to accept change. Farmers did not want to accept change and they lost their farms. Entire industries did not want to accept change and so they lost their livelihoods. Vinyl records, cassette tapes, the Sears catalog, Dupont, Circuit City, Blockbuster Video, Borders Books… and so many other brands have lost their livelihoods and the brands that they worked so hard for so many decades to establish. These corporations lost what they had because of their lack of readiness. So what do I mean by readiness? For you who do not own corporations, readiness means physical fitness. Readiness means nutritional fitness. Readiness means mental, emotional, and economic fitness. If you are not fit and ready in these fields they will succumb to what we know as atrophy. Something like dying limbs on a tree that is slowly but surely being cut down. Today I implore you to maintain your state of readiness. If you can’t do it all around in all of the fields that I mentioned, then compensate and build up another limb to maybe compensate for the one that lacks strength. In other words, do not make excuses or give-in, but for your lack of readiness. Naturally, you can’t build a limb that is already been severed. However you can try to compensate by staying in a state of readiness in other ways and means. We all know Steve Wonder cannot see, yet has achieved some major accomplishments in his lifetime. Has he in fact compensated for his deficit; of course he has. And then there are stories of others who have amazing achievements even though they have suffered great physical harm. My dad who lost a limb early in his life compensated by being and becoming one of the biggest entrepreneurs in our city. Those references have “rubbed off” onto me.
ARE YOU!!!???


I Wrote My Way Out of “The Hood”

Relentless Daily for Monday, July 1st 2013

Relentless Daily Monday-July 1st 2013
It’s Monday morning. And time for the next-greatest affirmation of my life:

The Last Kingpin by Relentless Aaron



REVIEW: Relentless Aaron has written another wicked novel that has his readers begging for more. This tale of drug kingpins, gun-toting biker chics, sheisty women, informants, and shady law enforcement officials is so INTENSE, so DEEP, it reads like a movie. There’s so much to the storyline it’s like your actually getting two or three books in one! The twists and turns in this RAW and GRITTY novel make it all the more exciting. You never know what is going to happen next. And when reading Relentless, don’t even try to guess! Let me tell you…if you thought ‘PUSH’ was hot “you ‘aint seen nothin’ yet”. Pick up ‘The Last Kingpin’ today. This one is off da hook!

Rappers ‘R In Danger by Relentless Aaron

E-Book to be available here soon.
Rappers 'R In Danger
Two young men lured by the promise of fame and limitless power learn the hard way that no empire lasts forever in the latest urban drama from RENTLESS AARON

Hit records, loads of cash, gorgeous groupies — Ringo has it all. But he wasn’t born a rap superstar. He built his hip-hop kingdom by pounding the pavement…and he doesn’t like to dwell on old ghosts from the ‘hood. Like his pal Brice, or that dark day that changed both their lives forever…

Rappers ‘R in Danger

What began as a simple heist ended in a horrible bloodbath. With the little money they’d stolen and the clothes on their backs, Brice and Ringo each escaped — never knowing the other’s fate. While Ringo was busy climbing the charts, Brice was becoming the ruthless overlord of an unstoppable crime family. Now Ringo’s got to right the wrongs from the past — before it’s too late. Because this time, there’s just too much to lose…

Meat And Potatoes of Love

“The G.O.A.T. of This Industry”

My thanks to Seth Ferranti for writing this article

Seth Ferranti

Thanks Seth for a great article. Look forward to meeting you in person

From prison and selling books on street corners to signing a six-figure deal with St. Martins Press and writing books for 50 cent, Relentless Aaron has run the spectrum. From the feature articles on him in King and Black Men Magazines to the profiles on him in Time Magazine and the New York Times, Relentless Aaron has been busy and in the public eye. He self-published 11 books on his Relentless Content label before being signed by the majors and now that he’s in the big leagues Relentless is doing his thing and becoming an industry leader. He’s come a long way from doing time in the feds and is an inspiration to other prospective authors and writers doing time and hoping to make it big. His most recent release is the G-Unit/50 Cent published Derelict. But let him tell it.
Seth: How is Derelict doing?
Relentless: Seth, I learned long ago not to judge the success of a book by the numbers, because, based on the whims of the wind, or whatever seems to be “floating a particular reader’s boat,” a book can be called good, bad, or incredible. Part one of Derelict has been accepted (overall) as a damn good book, especially by my readership. However, I don’t think the public knows that this is just part one of a two-part story. Part one took you through Dix, and to the door at the time of Jamel’s release. Part two gets into the revenge he’s launching on the streets.
Seth: How did you get hooked up with 50?
Relentless: I have been managed by AB, Chris Lighty and Mona Scott (of Violator Management) for almost two years now. I am the first author to be managed by a major Hip-Hop management company. Violator manages 50, as well as Busta, Missy, DMX and LL. It is convenient to be in this circle one, because (ironically) I am a true “violator” and two, because I

can pitch any of the three dozen books I’ve written to various artists in the company, or in extension thereof. If you don’t know, Violator is also partnered with Warner Publishing and Jive Records for branding and licensing of intangible and intellectual properties. And when it comes to properties, I am a king.
50 Cent and I have seen each other, in and out of his office, more than I see my mother, father, cousins and best friends. It’s crazy how life works. My agent had already been pitching to G-Unit books, even while I was establishing my involvement with Violator. So, it’s all part of this “strategic alliance” I conducted.
Seth: What else do you have coming out?
Relentless: I’m done with Single with Benefits, a new book written after my time in prison. I’m about to shoot a movie for Extra Marital Affairs, and there are a series of other books I’m working on, including Toe Tag, a series I have going in partnership with a former Medical Examiner, Garnell Brown, from Queens. He bagged, tagged, cut open and stitched up more dead bodies that even I could imagine. So, with his internal knowledge and experience and my craft for writing, we are the next dream team.
Seth: What do you think of the Urban Fiction genre?
Relentless: Believe it or not, I coined this phrase almost 15 years ago, before it was ever printed, talked about or used in book stores. I started using the term “Urban Fiction,” and I fully intended to live up to it’s standards of developing plots and characters which portray life as we see it in and around the hood. Today, there are many variations of Urban Fiction, also called Hip-Hop Lit, Urban Lit and Street Lit. It’s all good, as long as it encourages others to read. There’s so much ignorance in our culture, and we have to beat it down in every way possible, because, ultimately, the more you know, the more resourceful you are in life to deal with life’s issues. Urban Fiction is my first love; it saved my life, and it supports my family and the world I’ve created.
Seth: What authors do you like?
Relentless: It’s no mystery that I am a huge Guy Johnson fan, author of Standing at the Scratchline and Echoes of a Distant Summer and Sam Greenlee, author of The Spook Who Sat by the Door, who also has a cameo in my book PUSH. Otherwise, outside of their writing, I like Crystal Lacey Winslow, Kashamba Williams and Kwame Teague, because they’re beautiful people. I think we sometimes forget that the book is merely the vehicle to convey a message of personality, character and experience. Having not read these authors, I have still purchased (and sold) their books because (as you asked) I like them!
Seth: What is up with the movie deal?
Relentless: The writer’s Strike! F**k! The screenwriter that’s doing Push with Bill Duke is part of the union, and Duke’s office called me weeks ago to inform me that production was at a stand-still. I pray that this ends. In the meantime, as I mentioned we’re about to go into production on Extra Marital Affairs. We shoot a teaser in a few weeks up at the house, in the Pocono’s, where I wrote the book.
Seth: What going with your blog?
Relentless: I try to keep it poppin’ with tips and advice for aspiring authors and aspiring publishers. I keep it real and try to convey relevant data at all times. With the advent of video-streaming, there will soon be a window at the top of my blog where a viewer can visit the page and watch what I’m doing. Score one for the stalkers and the haters!
Seth: How has your success taken you?
Relentless: I’m always on the grind. People who know me will tell you that. One day, when a real documentary is done about me, the comments from others are those that will detail the truth behind my being “Relentless.” Yesterday I spoke at Jesse Jackson’s “Wall Street Project.” Last year I spoke to the employees of Time Warner about the emergence of publishing and multimedia and how I personally make it click for my brand. And of course, I was floored and flattered to have been voted Author of The Year in 2007 at the world’s biggest book publishing event. It is growing fast, and I am more focused than ever at remaining the G. O. A. T. of this industry.396415_10150586294284785_1262215491_n
Seth: How did you get your first deal?
Relentless: They called me. I turned them down, cocky and confident as ever. They called me back to talk about something different, outside of what I had already written. And so, we contracted for four new releases, Extra Marital Affairs, Lady First, Single with Benefits, and a currently untitled project scheduled to be released in 2009. I piggybacked that deal with a mass-market contract for ten of my pre-published works. Hence, I signed a 14 book deal, the biggest publishing deal ever for a debut author.
Seth: Any advice for upcoming or aspiring writers?
Relentless: Master your craft and the world will come beating down your door!
Seth: Who is hot right now, beside yourself?
Relentless: I think Richard Jeanty is someone to look out for. I think he “gets it.” And that he helps to revolutionize the art and the genre. I also think Treasure Blue and Kwan are hot. Crystal Lacey is holding it down for the females of the genre.
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Consistence Overcomes Resistance

Author, Publisher, Film Maker. Relentless

Author, Publisher, Film Maker. Relentless

For so many years, I grew up with a radio DJ repeating that quote at the end of every show. His name was Mr. Magic (or bka: Supa-Rockin Mister Magic) and his quote at the end of each show simply included “Persistence overcomes resistance.” I can imagine that most Radio Personalities leave the air with some sort of famous quotation to stimulate the minds of their listeners. However I must admit that understanding the value of that very sage advice had not set in until the later years of my life. I’m talkin about my 30s and 40s, where I came to realize that being consistent (same as persistent) is what led to so many great accomplishments. Note, that certain life decisions and coincidences may impact or impair your ability to maintain consistence. It is my theory that AVOIDING such pitfalls will allow you to experience the true “distance” of your goals & purpose. Afterall, how many of us can identify a time in our lives when we made a decision that created a major shift? (I’m not talkin at the gas-pump, either!) But that life decision was either a great one or a tragic one. Right?

For all these years I have been consistent in filming the activities of my life and the people who I connect with. For much longer than that I have been networking and connecting with “like minds,” such that the “Law of Correspondence” affirms. But for way longer than that, I have been writing both creatively and in my studies. So when you put it altogether, (when you do the math) my success is anchored by my filming consistently, my networking consistently, and my writing consistently. I can go back some 25-plus years to find footage of activities that today are either entertaining or resourceful. And by the same measure I can look back 30 years or longer to find people who I know today and network with today. This has led to a large community and network, one that supports me and with which I resource from time to time. But above all, whether I am in class or alone I have always been writing. I have adopted a practice and a routine that keeps me in love with the ink pen and the line paper. Yes it is fun to type on a keyboard and see your words appear on the screen faster (or so it seems) then in longhand. However, in making my point, I have only been consistently practicing typing since 1992. And what is 20 years of typing compared to 40+ years of longhand? For the past five or six years I have been consistent in my workout routine and in my health/eating habits. That has led to the best body that I have ever known as well as the best healthy/energetic feeling. So then, when I do my own review, I find I have been most consistent in my life with expressing myself creatively, critically or otherwise in my writing. And over the next 5 to 10 years, God willing, my physical health will catch up with the mastery that I’ve experienced in writing and connectivity and video production. Wow. To do the math in my own life is pretty damned amazing. But do the math in some other well-known master’s lives and you’d see the same results. Tiger, Michael, Mike, Leonardo, Jack, Barack, Denzel, Marshall, Benjamin, Russell, Jenner, Bannister, and so on. I mentioned first names (mostly) because I know you will easily put a face with the names, be it acting, sports or music. Regardless who, they were all CONSISTENT.

alg-music-mr-magic-jpgSo now what have you been most consistent at? If my mojo is in my writing, video production and connectivity, then where is your mojo? Where is your strength and consistence? And is that strength and consistency and Mojo something you have mastered? Is that something that is benefiting you? Perhaps something that is providing for your family or your well-being or your own sense of accomplishment? Consistency is one of those lifelong lessons that I have learned from my mentors, whether it was boxing, sales, or writing. And the more I embrace consistency, the more accomplishment I recognize. This is why and how I have written and sold so many novels, and why I have such a huge readership. This is why I have 600+ videos and millions of references on the Internet. This is why I am very connected in the world. Consistence.

So, if you take anything away from this morning’s message, please know that consistence is one of the biggest assets you can possibly have in your quest to succeed or progress. Peace. #Relentless

R.I.P. Supa-Rockin Mister Magic

RELENTLESS GOES H.A.M. on V-103 Frank & Wanda Show


My Life: Writing, Publishing, Film Making, Right Here @ Starbucks!

I know I know. You see all my updates, and every day/almost every hour, I am positioned at Starbucks. Many of you have joked about it and wondered if Starbucks has a bedroom for me. And I joked back, especially last week when I had a 60” tv delivered to the store. Lmao!

Others of you are beyond the jokes and clearly think I am strange, which is fine. It comes with the territory of “going against the grain.” But there are also a select few of you who have done the research and who realize what is going on. Applause to you! Because I also know that some of you follow me closely are pretty much using my actions as a blueprint. If you can’t do it person, you merely gather intel via the www.

Starbucks managers have even approached me to let me know about some of you who have approached them, because you’re wanting to initiate similar relationships. But if you only knew what it takes to sustain a relationship with such a big business! I have moved furniture in Starbucks. I have opened doors for customers at Starbucks. I have given short lectures to students at Starbucks.  I have grabbed napkins or the rag to clean up spills, as well as I’ve grabbed the broom to sweep up outside. At Starbucks I have given directions and I have assisted others with getting online. That even stretches into other things such as advice and wisdom I’ve offered. At Starbucks people ask me for headphones and pens and phone chargers. Someone even asked me for one of those special pens that allows you to draw on your computer. Outside of Starbucks I have chased toppled chairs or umbrellas or planters in the blizzards. I have intervened to break up fights and arguments. I constantly inform Starbucks staff about overflowing garbage cans and missing napkins from the sugar bar and the need for toilet paper and paper towels. At times the music might be too loud or the store’s room temperature might be too cold. Here and there someone will come in and disrupt the Starbucks community/they are not customers and take it upon themselves to confiscate someone's belongings. And police would come to me for information??? In fact, anytime some type of hostile encounter takes place, I am always the one who people come to for intel. I feel like the town reporter sometimes/the one who wont talk, but will report it all in the next day’s paper.

Starbucks management may need a document created or a flyer or a poster or some photography or even video for the store. Naturally, since I have certain skill sets that can accommodate, how could I turn down the request? Dozens of times I've been asked by customers “do you know his/her name?” Because very often we get into these passionate conversations, only to forget names. So now I’m Mr. 411 in Starbucks? I’d rather argue that I am the gentleman in Starbucks. And as you know I am the show promoter at Starbucks. With the shows that I promote, I help community agendas in our area of Rockdale County Georgia. In doing so I get to entertain large audiences on a consistent basis, as well as I help Starbucks fulfill their community relations agenda. So, I’m the community relations agent in Starbucks?¿?

Another thing; I would say that I know 50 to 65% of the customers who come through this particular Starbucks in Conyers Georgia. I know them by first name I know them by first and last name I have been to their houses for dinner or we frequented each other in the local supermarket. A number of the customers also go to the same LA fitness gym across the street. If this isn't transparent enough for you, I have fueled my business at Starbucks because a number of substantially wealthy businessmen come through and hire me for my services. At one point, folks got jealous of my presence in Starbucks and they called the corporate 800-number trying to have me removed. They have called management to complain. They have called the local newspapers to complain and even waged their war in the unofficial and un-policed OpEd section of the online version of the same newspaper. If that wasn't satisfying enough, folks called the police and gave whatever bogus reasons for me to receive some impromptu visits inside of the store. If that isn't enough, a few of the staff members even got in on the fun and began doing things like moving my favorite table or making calls themselves to the corporate headquarters. Still, I have been 100% straight up and I have not wavered.

Little does everybody know: I am weathered and driven and tested for decades, and nothing can stop me from my life's purpose. If there is such a thing, I am a veteran of hard times and pressure and challenges and animosity and apprehension and rejection and oppression and distress... I know those bitches like they were my best friends and lovers.
So, the next time you wonder what I am doing at Starbucks all the time, do the math. #relentless




Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 12.28.51 PMDO YOU REMEMBER ME, WORLD?