B – Day: Beyoncé Drops New Product (Dec 2013) What is it about Beyoncé?

New Beyonce Music (Featuring Blue Ivy)

So what is it about Beyoncé that we like? For the guys: is it the body? Is it the sexuality she projects? Is it the creativity? Is it the talent? Is it her eyes? Is it her success?

For the ladies: What is it about Beyoncé? Is she your role model? Is she your template? Do you live up to and recite every word she sings as if its all your blueprint? Do you wear your hair like hers? Do you dress just like her or act just like her? Do you make Beyoncé gestures? Do you try to dance like her and make sexy moves like her? Do you fail at that? Do you sing like her (in the shower?) Are you in the mirror, maybe looking at Beyoncé?

Are you guys looking for the Beyoncé in your lives? And to you women; are you wanting to be Beyoncé so that maybe, just maybe you can attract the Jay-Z in your life?

What? You are already married off? So then does Beyoncé set the standard or the threshold in terms of looks and success and accomplishments? Just Beyoncé questions this morning! #Relentless



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