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Superstar actor Keith David visits The Relentless House

When you're searching for a hotel in Atlanta, you're asking for a simple, conventional fix to your visit in this big city. But when you book a stay at a bed & breakfast, it's a lot more personal. We don't simply take your money and give you the key. We make you feel at home.We have most every convenience.

And if you're lucky, when you book a room at The Relentless House, you are blessed to have an amazing novelist, slash, chef, slash Superpreneur to host your visit.

Wow. A year ago this week, I opened The Relentless House. We were RAW! Bare! NO LIFE! And now, hundreds of visitors later we are a 5-star experience with loads of amazing testimonials! I am so grateful to the man who taught me how to develop my bed & breakfast, as well as I'm grateful for the client who dragged me to Kissimmee to even meet that man who taught me bed & breakfast. I'm grateful to all the guests who've stayed at my home, as well as the team that helps me administer and operate the hospitality and everything else. What a year its been! Time to write another book! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO THE RELENTLESS HOUSE!

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Wow!!! And what a review they left!!!

““The BEST host that I’ve stayed with thus far. As soon as we (my boyfriend and I) arrived, we felt like we were home! This place has such a homey feel to it you would think you never left home. Very clean and tidy.... smart TVs in every room and the best part about our stay was the hospitality. Mr Aaron went above and being to make us feel welcomed. We were also able to taste his award winning food while we were there!!! This will be at the very top of our list for whenever we return to Atlanta!! If you’re also in the area try out Relentless Eats!! You will be overly satisfied with the dishes served and you can experience this with your stay!!! Thanks again Mr Aaron!!! You’ve set the bar high!!”

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