Too Much, But Not Enuf


An interesting life we live you follow who you follow, do who you do, you be who you be and still you won’t have give.

Somehow it’s perceived that your life or their life, his life or hers is the prize, the best, or even the most on this earth.

They’ll trick you with cars and diamonds, status and titles, and yet that will mean little 2 nothing if u need somebody’s vitals

Thats right, life is full of tricks, there are traps, cons and hooks And have i told u about the smoke and mirrors? Are u wise to the Jux?

No I cant be there to protect u all Cant even stand by all your stones; Fact of the matter is, at times I just wanna be left alone

But i care enuf to warm u, and even to help u thru times so ruff One things for certain out of this life we cant seem ti get enuf

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