Yes We’re All Dead Wrong: Bill Cosby Just Mirrors The Monster That Men Are

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It is an incredible tragedy of our times to see a man do so much good for the world, only to be trapped by his own indiscretions. It makes you wonder if any of us are perfect and if we all have skeletons in our closet that are so permanent and so lethal, that they should someday surface to nip us in the butt.

some irony:

Case & point:  in today’s politically-correct climate wouldn’t Eddie Murphy’s homophobic rant in the stand up legend’s “Delirious” cause a riot today?  Isn’t the blogsphere and Twitter and every meme-ographer  waiting with bated breath to pull the trigger on the very next scandal to come across the web?  And although someone’s comments do not necessarily create action or actionable results, the  sensitivity of our current day vulture-trends require food/victims to eat.  So  in a sense, we are not all angels. But before you take the Eddie Murphy comment the wrong way, comics sorta get a free pass to say most anything; and indeed they have. And that said, they’ve gotta take their lumps… or (clears throat) they gotta take their Kramers


 But Bill Cosby wasn’t just talking, he wasn’t blowing a horn or causing a movement; Pill Cosby was drugging women without their knowledge and then getting his sexual meal on.  And if you have been following the story and the various allegations of different women, you will know that not only was Bill a great practitioner of this activity, he was also comfortable and in a way beside himself, with a certain expectation to go with the meal.  This is perfectly laid out in his interview with Larry king (see 2:50) where he tells all in this famous “Spanish Fly Interview”;  note: “Hello America!” at the end of the clip. #irony

 I reference Beverly Johnson’s testimony (go to 11:29) of how she realized Bill drugged her and tried to get away and when Bill Cosby couldn’t grab her… When he couldn’t convince her to satisfy his erection-in other words when things didn’t go his way, he basically cursed her out/left her in the street and that was that.
The Bill Cosby tragedy is so Legendary, complete with its urban legend conspiracy theories,  it’s different female characters, and it’s so much a part of the disconnect between former generations and the new generation.  It’s so deep with all of the many activities of the past that have been “grandfathered” into changing or being excepted as “back then.”  So once upon a time prohibition was illegal, until there were laws put in place and of course when those laws were put in place certain people were empowered with the knowledge and the first-mover opportunities to profit from the end to prohibition.IMG_2993

In the same breath, certain things in the past have been erased care of a “statute of limitations” or have received a “clean slate”, such as your foul credit experiences that disappear after seven years. Your bankruptcies and any juvenile crimes are also “erased” after a certain time.   There are amnesty program that forgive you for taxes and gun possession and whatnot. Hey, slavery was a law and you weren’t allowed to run from your master once upon a time. How realistic is that today?  It was a real law. It was really enforceable.  And people really lost their lives in the interim.

So, if today that is seen as a crime and inhumane and murderous and since we seem to be going after every Nazi colonel who was part of the Holocaust then what is going on now with Bill Cosby?  Is it a witch hunt? An attack on or a correction to some of those things we “all” did in the past?  Sure, murder, rape and certain other crimes come back to haunt the  perpetrators.  Then how come we are not going after the people who hung us from trees or maimed Black protestors with those sabertooth mutts of the 60s?

Arsenio Hall would say “things that make you say ‘Hmmmm‘ at this point. So deeply impassioned have we been in this argument that we’ve challenged friendships or lost friends on account of our “opinions & positions” on Cosby being right or wrong. Our arguments have been so fueled by opinions on what was “acceptable” back in the day and what is “unacceptable” today, and what does and doesn’t get “grandfathered-in” as acceptable. So many of those unacceptable activities of the past are now considered politically incorrect and when they come up they are smattered meme’d by every outspoken  talking-head online. MEMEs and soundbites and YouTube links. Blogs, podcasts and news briefs on channels everywhere around the world/everyone fighting to be searched and surfed on Google. The Breakfast Club Will feature you for godsakes.






Everybody and their mama already geared up and looking for the next big thing to discuss on their own live cellphone streams. And based on a whim or some organization’s involvement with all of their soldiers at the keyboard, an initiative can take flight or falter, according to the public perception of the issue.


The issue here is so clear, as laid out by Cosby himself/in his own words. Cosby drugged women, he used their unknowing bodies for his own, sexual thrills, and then he went into denial.

 “I’m always hearing the argument call Cosby didn’t have to drug women he could have any woman he wanted. Why would he want to drug them? “

 In general that sort of inquiry would come from someone who is not aware of the celebrity lifestyle, being the fish in the bowl, being able to avoid prosecution and on top of that having a lifelong wife at home who believes you are honorable to the marriage. Gulp.  But  at this point since we all know the truth from all sides, their stands the  outcome and afterthoughts in this whole heap of hot mess…  what’s right? What’s wrong? And where do we go from here?

On one hand this sort of activity is so common, so obvious, so wrong where it involves men and women, and in some ways so inhumane: drugging a woman and taking advantage of her so that nobody (including a lifelong wife) would never know the truth that took place while that woman was under duress. No matter that this was acceptable or that it was the centerpiece of rogue Films and adult themes over the years… no matter that this is something some women fantasize about and which men have been practicing behind closed doors since the advent of drugs and perhaps since “Adam and Eve.” No matter that many men (married or not) have women under duress and drugged and brainwashed by money, fame, career/office politics or plane old convenice. And no matter that this (these) pill-dropping   Criminal case  is so isolated  around one certain celebrity figure, there stands to reason that this activity can be lumped in with all of the other abuses towards women throughout the decades.

On the other hand, there’s that age old bit of wisdom that says “shut your mouth” and “keep it to yourself”.
This man has stuck his foot in his mouth. That is just the truth. And in doing so he has bloodied, muddied and soiled an entire lifetime of work. Whether you believe that Cosby’s work was “all good” work, authentic and good-natured or if you believe it was a front so that he could “get off” on the next unknowing subject, the fact remains that there was/is/has been an entire lifetime of productivity at stake. From Fat Albert who practically raised many of us, to the comedy albums, to the Cosby Show and all of those spin-off ancillary products and themes including the movies and all of those actors who went on to leverage their Cosby-Success into careers of their own. You’ve got to ask yourself at some point: does this guy get a pass?

BillClinton got a pass. RichardNixon got a pass. MichaelJackson got a pass. JimmySwaggart got a pass. Even MartinLutherKing got a pass. OK fuck it let’s go ahead and throw those chunks of coal in as well; the preachers, the Catholic Church, and yes, RKelly, WoodyAllan, and dare I say OJ… all of them dead wrong for different reasons/even if just morally or ethically wrong. Everybody was dead wrong. I don’t care what jury let you off the hook and I don’t care what press or media mogul is in your pocket, what’s wrong is wrong.


But even the best of us/the most outspoken figures (me included) cannot throw stones to hide our own hands. We are just an ever-evolving, play-it-by-ear, do-as-we-will, Bible-thumping, repent on our knees slice of humanity that is right and wrong for all the appropriate reasons; whenever it’s appropriate.

Yes we’re all dead wrong:
Hell, this generation put away thousands upon thousands of disenfranchised black men who were trapped by the crack/cocaine culture. “Bring the cocaine over and drop it in the hood and let them scramble amongst themselves”

Yes we’re all dead wrong: “time for your bath Soon-Yi!”

Yes we’re all dead wrong: “come’eer you pretty little intern. Get down on the oval office floor and put this in your mouth “

Yes we’re all dead wrong: “put $10,000 on the RedSox to lose”

Yes we’re all dead wrong:

Yes we’re all dead wrong: “sick the dogs on them and turn on the fire hoses, who cares what the public thinks?”

Yes we’re all dead wrong: “hang that Nigger and burn him at the same time that the entire community stands watching! And it doesn’t matter that he wasn’t wrong or that the blame was put on him for something he didn’t do”
Yes we’re all dead wrong: “yeah, so what I raped your slave-Nigger-wife. Whatchoo gonna do, I already own you”
Yes we’re all dead wrong: “hurry up boy, I got a anti-homosexual sermon to give”

Yes we are a fucked up people with so many angles and dimensions on what we do as an act, versus what we think in our minds. And so many of us have thought the most heinous and the most murderous plots and schemes and twisted sexual ideas in our minds, only to never surface. Some have been convicted and imprisoned for how they think. Some of us, such as myself are able to present the very same subject matter and content molded into “books” or “novels”; what we look upon as Fiction, but what is obviously drawn from our own sick sense of imagination. How many times have you heard that StephenKing has such a sick mind but at the same time he is applauded and paid and held up to the highest accord of humanity? No he’s not acted out his dreams and fantasies, but if you look at Sandy Hook Elementary School and you align it with The Bachman Books: “Rage” (another Stephen King creation) you’d see that other people have indeed lived out the Stephen King fantasy in real life.


So in the end, a “monster” is who we say a monster is. But too, it’s about who gets caught doing what, to who.

I feel bad for those women, all of those women who were victimized by Bill Cosby through the years. And along with those victims, I also feel bad for all of those people caught up in the crack cocaine culture, including the families and the drug addicted homeless folk laying along the streets as you read this text. I feel bad for the sexual abuse that’s going on behind closed doors and the human trafficking that is enabled but for the hotels and motels that facilitate the acts. I feel bad for all of the millions of people affected by nuclear fallout, those bombs that were dropped in past decades from Iran to Iraq to Hiroshima to Pearl Harbor. I just feel bad for all of the suffering that humanity has endured. It’s going on at this moment on our highways where people are speeding and cutting one another off and creating yet another accident. It’s going on when you leave your young child with your Un-vetted boyfriend as you head to dance at the strip club.

My point is Victims are created every day and they are all over the place. All over the world.. It’s a trending topic that has been in existence since the dawn of humanity. And whether it’s Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton or Bill Maher, people are going to hurt other people, they’re going to take advantage of other people, and they are going to say things that are painful or tragic. And that will happen from the top levels of life on down to the slightest Comedian’s shtick.
Yes, they will hang Bill Cosby with their jury decision; because no matter what, situations like these have shown us that public opinion and the media will still persecute and condemn the individual despite his guilt or innocence. It’s what the people agree to. But as much as this decision is supported by him opening his own mouth, it is a conviction of all of our sins. Yes we’re all dead wrong;  some by our thoughts and others by our actions.

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