When Murphy Comes Callin’

So here’s the thing, when Murphy comes calling, you will have no clue from which direction he comes, at what time of the day, or with how much intensity. But know this: Murphy is coming. In fact Murphy sometimes wears a disguise, impersonating a best friend, even a part of that friend's dilemmas. All of the sudden your friend's dilemmas interrupt your flow. And that’s Murphy at work.

I’ve gotten so used to Murphy visiting me that I no longer get discouraged or frightened, nor do I panic. It has become a learned process to just enjoy how this dude continues to try to knock me down. But I’ve become so skilled at bouncing back that I feel I know Murphy personally. I feel when he comes around it’s to humor me. It’s to try me. It’s to test and challenge the man that I am. Murphy comes and throws a wrench in your plans. Murphy comes and delays the greatest resources in your life. Murphy is all up in your veins and can cause illness when you least expect it. Murphy’s in your bank account and in your relationships. Murphy is entirely knowledgeable of your vehicle and how its performing; the warnings BEFORE the warnings are on his list.

I guess what I’m saying is that life has its ups and downs and it’s not a matter of if the downs are coming it’s when.

So the downs are coming, and you must prepare, you must be vigilant, and you must bounce back. Murphy, wherever you are, whatever you’re wearing, wherever you’re hiding, just know that I’m here to stay, I already wupped you dozens of times and I'm still here! And that I know you’re in charge of the chaos? So you're in plain sight! But I am in charge of how I react, and I’m expecting you and I’m ready to have more fun next time around. BRING IT!


Stumbled Past One of my Older Interviews

Our Monstrous Reality

Sometimes it feels as if the rest of the world is surreal, and that my own world is the only real thing I’m in control of. Oh sure, I can control everyone and everything else by simply hitting a switch, shutting down notifications or even pulling the plug. If I wanna get jazzy about it I can still be entertained by the digital world; click on the Pandora or my jailbroken firestick and there’s my partial great escape. But to shut it down all together is the greatest escape. Go out and mow the lawn or play with the flowers... pick up the weights or head down to my makeshift gym in the basement... 

But even with that Godlike skill of shutting everybody out, somewhere in the back of my mind...

in the deepest part of my soul there is pain and misery and dysfunction that I’ve disassociated myself from. Yes this disconnect is about survival but it’s also about sanity. Do I care? Hell yeah I care! But I also know that it’s a longshot for me to be able to fix any of it. Its an even longer shot to imagine or to realize the alternative/others perhaps living in my vortex. Living the way I live. It’s unreasonable to think that you are going to believe in and follow my blueprint. There’s no way you’re going to eat the way I do, breathe the way I do, sleep the way I do, work the way I do and ultimately arrive here, now, 54 years later... in this happy space, and still inspired despite all. For sure the infrastructure of the world is the most pressing priority. Neck and neck with that reality, there is the human dilemma of how we commune, cohabitate and interact. We do this directly and distinctively, and we do it indirectly with mechanical devices, machines and with our technology. We're turned into cowards in this way, disinterested in facing the music in person. No accountability. When I think about it all, how it all spins in some freakish turbine, with such viral calculation, both perfect and imperfect, i’m reminded that all of this mess is executed on yet another monstrous reality. I sometimes think we all forget how we all still coexist on this spinning rock that at any given instant can shift and self-destruct. Yes we are all spinning, and we are all spinning on something else that is spinning. No matter how you slice it, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, whether you claim a part of it or not, the mysteries, the joys, the perils, the marvels, the miracles, the pandemonium... The births and the deaths... all of it will go on regardless of how you feel, and regardless of whether you interact or engage. So in the end there is still your choice to care for your own sanity and well-being.

Yes, you are expected to contribute. But no, you are not expected to contribute to a fault. March forth my loves, my children, my friends and fans; move with great energy and stealth awareness. Be driven to achieve more and to experience increase. Never allow yourself to surrender to laziness and loss. Believe in your mind and be determined that you can cope and deal and master this thing we call life.

God bless you.

Relentless Aaron

My Song of The Morning


TODAY - Saturday, April 20, 2019

In fact, we create stories in our minds that just aren’t real. They may be real from your perspective, which in a selfish sense is all that matters. But the other side of the “story” is how that other person sees life. That perspective may be twisted, inspired, confused, but thats all based on that other persons framework and the narrative they’ve created for themselves, for their mindstate. And really, we need to understand and respect the other persons perspective because that is communication at its best. Overall, go in thinking that “Everything is gonna be alright” (Hence the BobMarley perspective), and just move forward peacefully, with a resolution as an ending. Everything doesn’t hafta be like the movies. Perspectives are everything

SIDE NOTE: I'm amazed at how some people can be sloppy drunk, wreaking of alcohol, but with thoughts still as crisp and relevant as the air we breathe


Hip Hop Kills, inspires and theres no accountability

Posted by Relentless Aaron on Thursday, April 18, 2019

Talking about so called "Gentrification"

Posted by Relentless Aaron on Saturday, April 20, 2019

Our Sexy Mess


So this post on LinkedIn... I’m puzzled when one of you (with a platform) shouts “Beauty, happiness, female empowerment and self-esteem,” all of it while you undress for us. To be clear, I LOVE BLACK WOMEN & THEIR FEMALE BLESSINGS. But while men seek to affirm their “self-esteem” or happiness or empowerment, we’re not undressing or use male anatomy to affirm the same. (Not talking about weightlifters or fitness gurus) So... is undressing and exposing body parts and being “proud” to be sexual in public really “female empowerment? Because I thought that was all about how you perform and interact as a human being with equal rights, not how much ass u got. I don’t think that “flashing” and/or being exhibitionists add up to the way to praise your self-esteem. Can it show me how BOLD you are? Can it show me how you DGAF, of course there’s that. But trying to rationalize the want or need to undress for us? Thoughts? School me, please. #notaprude #fanofthefannies #proporn

From Oprah’s Mouth – “I Have Not Waivered”

LEAVING NEVERLAND has got many Michael Jackson fans and haters in an tizzy. Half of us have conspiracy theories "Oh he just likes kids" "oh he just never had a childhood". And the other half of us can see thru the bullshit. Half of us believe that Michael's celebrity status protected and insulated him; the other half believes that dead or alive, "MJ is the biggest pedophile on Earth. And he died just in time before Social Media could eat him whole.

Well, altho Oprah's been wrong in the past, she's grown more aware than I've even seen her and I'm riding with her.

Below is the link to her appearance on Trevor Noah's DailyShow where she doubles down "I have not wavered." Even tho MJ supporters have created rumors to say she changed her mind, even tho there are efforts to remove these facts from the internet, I'm sharing this for all those who need some truth in their lives. Face the music; during a certain period in MJ's life, he became a creep... a prodator, and thats just unfortunate. But deal with it





John Cluchette – Soledad Brother Now Free

I was moved to edit/upload this clip in honor of The now freed Soledad Brother, John Cluchette. There’s just not enough exposure and spotlight on what I consider “the right things” in our everyday social media diet. So I’ll leave this here for you... in Honor of John Cluchette and the Soledad Brothers...

Clutchette, John, 1943-


One of three African American inmates at California's Soledad Prison known as The Soledad Brothers. The three were charged with the murder of white prison guard on January 16, 1970. They purportedly shot the guard in retaliation for the shooting deaths of three black prisoners during a prison fight in the exercise yard three days earlier. On March 27, 1972, Clutchette and Drumgo were acquitted by a San Francisco jury of the original charges of murdering a prison guard.

Gonna place this right here... Good Morning

Posted by Relentless Aaron on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace


Just to be transparent about this, I have been experiencing crying spells throughout the past two days. The people closest to me don’t even know this. But in the supermarket or driving or just in the privacy of my own bedroom I have become extremely emotional about this loss and the idea that a man can go so far and so hard to effect change, to become a mentor and a leader in his community, only to be cut down by someone who he gave access to. This encounter stands to challenge any iota of goodwill that one has planned. You’re made to question your immediate circumstances and your immediate circle. Today and for the last few days, I have been reaching out to you and speaking with an enormous amount of friends and associates. And I’m here to tell you that I am about the journey and long life and whatever it takes to sustain the same. Im not gonna allow HipHop, the misery of the streets, or "keepin it real in da hood" interrupt the promise and prosperity that I’m working for. So far, my 54 years on this Earth have allowed me to find and understand peace. But while this post is an affirmation for myself, it is indeed my determined initiative to stare at life and to expect the most it has to offer, no matter what it takes. God bless you all and thank you for embracing and loving me #nipseyhussle #entrepreneur Sway Calloway #dlhugley

Hey Superpreneur! My Free Guide! #jewels

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Side note: it's very important for us to share freely, especially things such as information that doesn't require hands-on, real-time efforts. The least we can do is share a little of our time so that our circle can grow strong. If you're not strong, free, progressing, then how strong, free and progressive am I really? If you're not there, I'm not there either. Its just how I feel.


One Of My Talented Friends – Keith David

Can't Say enough about Keith. On stage and off, he delivers. All I can say is "AUTHENTIC"

Re-Thinking The RKelly Story

APOLOGIES... WHILE I USUALLY like to think outside of the box and objectively about issues that effect our community, I feel like my recent comments on RKelly and the "Surviving R Kelly" doc would feel insensitive to many who have seen the broadcast, as well as to those who are on the front lines in social work, in education and addressing the dysfunction that plagues us. There are different variations of the doc that are shown on different platforms. I've seen a lot of this in the earlier BBC presentation. And of course, our network news gives us the short and ugly, the talk shows and bloggers give us their versions, there's the entire doc that could be seen on Lifetime (or the firestick if you have that access), there are Facebook pages that stream just certain parts of it over and again #repeat and there are all sorts of varying perspectives about something thats already very ugly. No matter how the issues blend; the celebrity and the fame, the age issues, the entertainment industry excusing this abuse, the twisted, seedy and unusual sex, and this whole thing about abuse, enslavement, etc. It is still a picture and a story that RKelly created.

This is HIS fault however it plays on our minds. There's no "box" that this can be packaged into and no way to dissect these insidious acts, simply because

1) there's so much of it, 2) because its been the same repeated practice for over a decade, and 3) we cannot ignore the damage; even if they went in naive, wanton or even driven to this magnet... even if the law hasn't caught up with him... they are still hurting. Thats never good.

And even tho this doc is one perspective on the activity thats been hidden in plain sight, even tho these acts have been taking place in our midst for a long time in "pimp culture" in music, movies and in adult entertainment, all of it broadly accepted and embraced, or secretly so, its still a dark side of life that I don't subscribe to. Women in pain (Black, White or other) is something that I don't agree with. And as much as I've written about this stuff, none of you have likely researched my writings in the entirety in order to draw a clear picture of how I receive and feel about it. Hell, depending on hormonal balance a lot of us don't speak from the heart.
But I'm speaking from my heart now when I say that RKelly is just as bad as BillCosby. He's just as bad as WoodyAllen and just as bad as EddieLong. I'm not a fan of any of these cats and don't agree with how they've used their fame and influence to take advantage of underage, impressionable beings. Okay yes, the argument about the legal age to get married is crazy:

"To marry in Georgia, you must be at least 16 years old. If you are under the age of 18, you cannot get a marriage license without parental consent." And its likely different in other states.
"Texas law permits individuals who have reached the age of majority (18) to get married without parental consent. However, those 14 and older may get married with the consent of their parents or legal guardians."

"Mississippi's marriage age statutes are that minors under minimum age may obtain license with parental consent and approval of court. Minor females age 15 yrs. and older and males 17 yrs. and older but under 21 may obtain license with parental consent and court order."

Yo, these numbers are bananas. I can't even look at a woman that young in that way. But I can imagine what thats about. I can imagine men taking advantage of that situation. It's so deep and widespread, and the issues worsen when you add the peeing and the brainwashing and the physical and mental abuse. It calls on any right-minded individual to use common sense... to "put 2+2 together" to "jump to conclusions" and "assume the worst" even tho the law does not agree with that. All those folks that proudly announce "I don't care. I'm just here for the music" and "Those women are fast" and "they can walk away if they want to... theres no chains on them..." I already shake my head at the ignorance therein, so then why would I want to walk that thin line where you (my own friends and followers) might question my won sharp wit and/or lack thereof?
Sure, I'm well-rounded and clear about a lot of things; but I don't know it all. I will agree that I am not well-rounded when it comes to experiencing this kind of behavior. Thank God I haven't been raped or molested. And its just reality (when in Rome) that I must have a heart where it relates to any issues that touch on sensitive subjects such as this.

Im so sorry that my voice is not as perfect as I'd like and that I don't "follow the crowd" when it comes to issues like these. I'm radical and polarizing at times, yes. But I'm sorry that this industry that I'm a part of turns its back on victims of these crimes.

I'm also sorry if my words have hurt you personally; no way for me to know what you've been thru. But let me also drop this: I have spoken out strongly about the fact that this is going on everyday in marriages, in male-female relationships where money, power and convenience traps women into unwanted circumstances, right here in our neighborhoods/under our noses, and there's no "Lifetime doc" to cover the hurt and pain going on. However, to maintain perspective and to not muddy an already ugly reality, let me stay on point and apologize for my earlier perspective. It is not the inspiring direction Ive taken in life and I never want to just sling bows and arrows at people I don't know, circumstances I'm not as familiar with. There are a lot of you that connect to me on various levels. So I must speak to all of you and not make excuses, and also ask forgiveness.
Will you forgive me?

Here is a very deep related video I watched today:

Cannot be overlooked...

Easy Like A Relentless Sunday Morning…

My Sunday morning is interesting: it starts with waking up to make a $40 fish fry order. Except, before I jump up from bed to wash my hands, to pour pre-packaged fish and fries into an air fryer and then waiting 20 minutes for the grand result, I spend a few moments looking at a some inspirational messages on IG. And then, as usual, on the same timeline will be all the booty-shakin; you know, those nuisance escorts sellin ass on IG. Hey, I’m not mad at em tho... I still enjoy a little stripper action inside of my SoMe-time. (Social Media Time).

Eventually I’m up from my rest, and while Seal is singin“we’re never gonna survive, uuuuuuun-less, we get a little crazy

on the living room TV, I’m hitting a few buttons on the air fryer and then turning on the kettle. Nothing like some hot tea to cure this mucus I. My throat; The results of my love for milk, ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies the night before. {shrugs} hey, some people prefer weed and/or football. For the moment I’m a milk & cookies kinda guy.

When the delivery guy soon arrives and he’s quite transparent, first explaining “how impressive” my environment is. I hear him say “the mind is a terrible thing to waste”. I stop what I’m doing for a moment and come over to let him know I can’t hear him as I am in the kitchen dishing up the food. He says “no worries I was just taking in your experience here. You really doin it bro.” 

Now the fish and fries are done and I’m packaging everything up with tartar sauce and ketchup and the pecan pie’s and the spinach. Driver says “oh my God I gotta read this”.

And when I asked him what he was referring to, he pointed to his cell phone where my latest blog talks about my erotic experiences and how STARBUCKS was somewhat responsible for them. I’m chuckling when I finally hand him the package. And just before he leaves he says with a handshake “my name is Allonzo but everybody knows me as Miami and you have inspired me today.”

I thank him, ask him to drive carefully out there in them streets, and explained “don’t worry I’ll be out there in a few

And ain’t that the damn truth as I take off the kitchen apron, sip on this tea, soak in some of this Simply Red... and as he’s “holding back the tears” I’m contemplating my morning and how I’m about to head out the door to drop off and pick up Bird scooters for that extra hunnit dollas today. After all, I wasn’t expecting those extra bills such as the dentist... such as the shopping I did yesterday... and maybe one other bill I’ve forgotten. 

The hustle continues


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It’s The Real Deal…

media producer content creator, atlanta filmmaker, novelist

Here’s the truth... in life you can simply exist as an attendee or you can be a player on the field. If you’re going to be an attendee, then perhaps you are doing whatever is necessary to get by in order to maintenance you’re presence. However, if you are here to be a player on the field, to make any certain headway in your area of expertise, you are required to express who you are, what you do and perhaps the service you provide.

You are required to engage with as many people as possible who are qualified or interested in taking advantage of your resources.  

Your “calling” means perhaps teaching others, helping others and engaging in authentic ways so that there is relevant and residual benefits behind what it is you do, and who it is that you are. Afterall, the world is curious and wants to know: what are you here for?

Some of us are exercising the easy way out, looking for the hacks in life and earning their space in the slushpile of products, services and initiatives. Meanwhile there are others of us who have there unique presence in our lives. They may be doctors and nurses, or pilots or train conductors; and in those cases, especially, there is no choice but to work with extreme precision. But then you may be an artist, beautician, fashion designer, builder, or you could be endowed with some sort physical power or incredible “talk-game.”

Whatever the case, the requirement (for everyone) should include being the best at what you do, or at least doing the best you can at it. Your level of “best“ is subjective to how big your challenger is.

If you live in a small town and you are the only barber or shoemaker in that small town, then you are the big fish in a small pond. However if what you do is so casual and so ordinary and so usually that many people are doing the same thing and you are all squeezed into some tiny island or some metropolis, then you clearly have competition and you must clearly work so much harder to earn what we know as a top spot in your industry.

So if you’re comfortable with what you do and so talented that you feel you have no competition, then you have been blessed. But for so many more of us, whether you are a novelist (such as I am) a chef, or a livery cab driver, there stands to bear that next individual who does the same work as you. The competition. Whether or not you land that next customer, versus your competition landing that customer, is going to depend upon whether or not you are better or more effective or have a greater energy.

I feel in order for you to succeed at what you do, you have got to be the real deal. You have got to do more than expected. You must have made inroads in your industry where by everybody is talking about you. There's a process to it all. "The work" must be done in effort to win substantially; in effort to sustain what gains you've earned.

These are the voyages of the Superpreneur... we'll speak again. Godspeed.

Good luck. And may The Force be with you!

Dozens of New Apps for Mac, all for $10 Per Month. Productivity

I’m the first one to want to save money. All these services that are wanting to live off of my existence, ready to cut me off if I miss my next payment. But this one I couldn’t pass up… check out the videos below if you’re looking to fine-tune (or tune-up) your mac experience


Relentless Aaron “Unparalleled” – Library Journal

Relentless Aaron. Single with Benefits

– Library Journal, 6/26/2008 10:03:00 AM
Relentless Aaron. Single with Benefits. Griffin: St. Martin’s. Nov. 2008. 288p. ISBN 978-0-312-35937-9. pap. $14.95 F
Verdict: For an incisive look at a man’s inner thoughts and feelings as he juggles multiple sexual encounters, look no further than Relentless Aaron’s (Extra Marital Affairs) new novel. In capturing the emotions of pure sexual release and introspective debates on being true to women, this author is unparalleled. As a bonus, the sexual scenes are a matchless combination of sensuality and naughtiness.
Background: Shawn Hopkins, a 19 year old intent on achieving success, has fallen hard for Venus, who flaunts a Caribbean woman’s sensual attitude. Although vexed, Shawn reluctantly agrees to share space with Allison, a girlfriend of Venus who needs time away from her man. But temptation soon arises, and Shawn enters not one, two, or three, but five sexual relationships, as well as enjoying a threesome with Venus and Allison and mixing work with pleasure by sleeping with his boss, a wealthy client, and a wealthy client’s administrative assistant. As he becomes financially successful, Shawn ponders to which woman he wants to commit forever but fails to notice the warning signs of romantic disaster. The morality lesson here: being played can dampen the pleasures of the bedroom.
Also coming in late October: SEEMS LIKE YOU’RE READY

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