A Letter From A Reader


I just completed your book, The Last Kingpin.  I am upset that I took so long to read it.  My brother had it autographed about a year ago and he gave it to me as a gift.  I did not find time to read until last week.  I was stuck for 7 days, reading it every spare moment.  I was very impressed with your work.  This is my first book that I have read of yours.  I also have Topless I will start reading that one in a few days.

But the reason for my email is I was reading the Message from the Author, and I had a comment.  What I enjoyed most about the book was the realness of the book.  It was like I was talking to someone I know and they were telling me a story.  It was so real and it sounded so much like the people that I grew up with.  The best thing is that anyone could read your book and understand it because you gave a definition every time you used slang.  It was excellent.  I am sure there is another part to this story and I am looking forward to it.  Thanks for the entertaining story.

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