Dear Moet (Part 3)

Dearest Moet,

I want to thank you for your kind words in your last letter. It was a comfort to know that there are people like you who care about the struggles of people like me. However, I must tell you that I am writing this letter to you with a heavy heart. My brother Duke is planning to murder the overseer, and I am afraid for him. Joe-Joe and Dumas are going to help him, and I'm afraid that my brother might get hurt. But even if he does as he says, what next? Who will run the plantation with over 200 indentured servants, all of whom don't have nowhere to go? My mother is also sick with some unknown illness, and I am worried about her. I am tired of working in the fields, but Master asked if I wanted to come into the house to work. I know the repercussions of such a move, though, as the other slaves will see me as nothing but an Uncle Tom. I cannot bear to see their disdain. I am also afraid of the Master's intentions toward me. He has a gleam in his eye when he looks at me, and I fear that he wants me for his own. I do not want his nasty body to touch me. I don't mean to burden you with my worries, but I needed to confide in someone who might understand. Thank you for being that person for me, Moet. Your strength and resilience inspire me to keep fighting against the oppression and exploitation that define our lives.

With love and hope, always in my dreams, Abigail

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