Positive Affirmations in my Life: #RussellSimmons, #LesBrown and #ChicoChapman


Your daily agenda will generally follow your daily attitude. Consequently, your “routine attitude” or practices may be learned or developed by what you’ve obs
erved in others.

In other words you are a product of your environment.

And, as much as I’d like to ALWAYS be positive, it sometimes feels impossible/depending on the challenge. I am admittedly a victim of the reverse effect, whereas my attitude might reflect my day. (Or a even reflection of the previous day) #baggage A lot of the leaders who I know would say “stay in the moment” and “your past does not equal your future.” They’d also allow for apologies and go out of their way to turn a negative into a positive. Chico is that way; his life is “no harm/no foul” and “its all good,” even as I KNOW shit aint that simple and that there are past struggles we can both shake our heads at. Les Brown often tells his story of growing up orphaned and the poverty he knew as a child, It seems that ALL of us know Mrs Mamie Brown, lol, even if you haven’t been trained by Les.

Russell Simmons has his own way of addressing things, having adopted the Yogi’s life. Working with Russell early on, you’d swear this is another person! But Russ is the first person I’ve seen in that way of life; and the first I’ve seen who can easily waver from an intelligent conversation to that of a common vulgar street [ninja]. I wonder sometimes; split personalities, or just creative genius at work? Not that cursing is a sign of misery or pain, but clearly not what you’d hear from a billionaire icon/the circle Russell has grown into, like it or not. One thing I appreciate from Russell is when he goes-in during some off-road, candid interview. The things he’s talking about are crystal clear and spot-on, far and apart from the days he did the interviews, weeded-up and off the chain.

But to my point, these men are such a positive influences in my life, all of whom represent some strong male-figure affirmations that I’m with. No matter what they’re doing; no matter their position on things, I’m a student as well as a follower of these gentlemen.

10507015_10152540379550733_2492778366985743409_oChico Chapman is closer to me these days/closer than other leadership influences in my life, (since he’s not currently out on tour with Jill or Mary or OMG Girlz) working side by side with me on certain things, and yet his influence in heavy; he may understand or have a greater perspective on an adverse situation… he may be able to dissect it from varying angles, but no matter WHAT the challenge, he knows how to come in that room and LIGHT IT UP. I agree with that way of life 1000%

So can I come in the room and “light it up” as he does? Well, its 50/50. Some days are better than others. So much on my mind…responsibilities and past burdens on my shoulders, plus a legacy to fulfill; and my focus may reflect something else to others. That “focus” might be misunderstood, especially to a person who doesn’t practice the discipline of focusing.” And yet, there should be a balance, whereas every time I face someone or when I’m in the presence of others, I want to cast an air of joy & happiness. So I am still “unlearning” a practice of old; that (don’t want none, won’t be none) protective shield I have long embraced. It also takes great discipline, humility and compassion to shake off, ignore or sweep aside some other element that has (or may have) an impact on your day. Some of us may have a boss or co-worker that we have to face and don’t want to. It could even be a classmate or a teacher. To get real extreme, it could be your spouse who you argued with last night. Either way, who wants the miserable feelings that come with or which result from miserable experiences? Unless you’re a freak for pain. I know just a few people who can come out of adversity and still hug their adversary. Divorced, with no kids, and its “all good” later on. As if marriage was a “trial run” or “temporary. ”Some others might say, “Hell naw” (and they’d cuss their ex-spouse) recalling the big costs involved, upset about how so many people came great distances to be at their wedding… the disgrace and embarrassment. Just so much to swallow from a failed marriage. Of course, having conveniences like loads of money and forgiving parties involved has a baring how things stay friendly.

My friends Russell Simmons, Les Brown and Chico Chapman all come from tough beginnings. These are deep brothers, leaders who have had, (and who have now) great impact on my life.

So, in the back of my mind I’m asking myself the question: “how would Russell Simmons deal with it?” “How would Les Brown deal with it?” “How would Chico Chapman handle it?”

Within these gentlemen is a certain discipline, a certain Mojo, a certain compassion, a certain understanding and a certain aggression. They are all progressive, successful and thank God they are all a part of my life. And so, like those miserable references that are so easy to embrace, I can reach back or forward (or in the now) and I can embrace these brothers and ask myself how would they handle it? Today, each of these men lights up a room when they come into it. So I should follow suit!

Now how does this relate to you?

Find those references in your life who light up a room! I may not know who you’re talking about, and the world may not know either, but to you these individuals light your fire. These individuals have tantamount discipline and they exercise amazing aggressive skill sets. So then these are the positive references in your life, perfect for mentoring. Think about all the good they do and all the people who they affect and follow those footsteps. Godspeed to you this week #Relentless



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