Dream Team? Or Team Me?

I’ve had people floating through my doors consistently and for the past 6 years especially. So many of them are lost, without direction. Others are looking for my resources, on the take take take. But rarely will I stumble upon someone who is a giver; someone who has value to give. And sometimes to my fault, I never stop looking. Maybe its because I’ve seen rock stars in other companies. Maybe its because I’m never satisfied in my quest for that so-called “dream team. Still, despite all, I'm always heralded for the business model I've put together. The customer "likes the atmosphere" I've created, and they appreciate the attention we give them and especially, the drivers (who come to pick up and deliver our food plates) tell me that I've got a "brilliant idea" or they just announce how "dope" this is. But nobody can quite understand the work ethic, the consistency, the patience, or the risk I must take on to get to a point of realizing consistent revenues.

It has taken decades of hard work and determination to get to where I am today as a successful business owner. There was the web design, the video production services, the book publishing, the concert production, the private car services, hospitality, food, the business credit. Yeah, you may have read this in the past tense, but I still do most of these things today. I’m doing much less work for hire, and I’m gravitating to the smarter “laptop life” I champion and praise. But despite the many challenges I've faced along the way, I have consistently remained focused on providing an atmosphere and customer experience that sets me and my business apart from all others. I am grateful for the recognition and appreciation from my customers, who appreciate our attention and care.

However, what many may need to understand fully is the level of work ethic, consistency, patience, and risk that goes into running a successful business. I have seen too many people, usually, those who work around me, become slackers or fall off somehow, and they just don’t add up to the best they can be. And if they are not doing that, how can they serve our company’s purpose? 

This journey has not been easy, but I have learned to be adaptable and pivot as needed to ensure the success of my business.

Above all, my unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality products has been key to my success. By sharing my story and highlighting the effort and risk involved in running a business, I hope to build a deeper appreciation and understanding of entrepreneurs' challenges.

I am proud of the journey I have taken to get here and look forward to continued growth and success in the future.

If you’re wondering “what’s next,” don’t. Just know that you shouldn’t talk about what you’re doing or what you plan to do. Simply do it, get it done, and stockpile that contribution atop all other accomplishments. Inevitably they will add up to steps that will lead you to the top of your respective industry.


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