Here We Are… 2016

hqdefaultThe year 2014 is winding down and 2016 is revving up at the same time. So many of us are drawn to the nation’s imperfections, to humanity’s imbalance and to everyone else’s abuse of one thing or another, and yet theres no insight on how to avoid the problems. There’s no information out there for EVERYONE that shows de-escalation and the calm, humble way to resolution. Too many of us are focused on the pain, and we’re finding solidarity in it too (inevitable). But I wonder how much more effective we’d be if we sought out and achieved that same solidarity BEFORE the calamity strikes. I wonder if we’d even LISTEN to another way… a positive way to solutions; to conflict resolution. Since the dawn of time people have been arguing/fighting/killing one another. It has nothing to do with police, if you ask me, since we’re all human beings at the core, some good at it, others not. Key is to get along with those OTHER individuals who are still learning diplomacy, communication and cooperation. It can be with your wife, your father, or your kids. Point being, you’d better TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and GET RIGHT before life gives you no other choice. Circumstances will become random and force that “get right” and you could end up the loser.

In 2016 I intend to launch measures that talk about de-escalation; a way of life that (isolated instances aside) will keep so many of us alive. The thing is, there are varying levels of individuals who face confrontation from day to day, different levels of intelligence, upbringing, geographies and class. Everyone doesn’t know how to “dumb-down” in a situation. At one point in my life this was not an option. Fortunately, I’ve learned how to embrace this state of peace. The hummingbird, vs the vulture. Thats an age-old story that still holds true today; how the hummingbird is simply interested in a peaceful environment and bathing nectar On the other hand, the vulture does nothing but go after carcasses. Meanwhile, the two creatures, the hummingbird and the vulture both coexist in the desert, and never attack on another. Different agendas. So whats your agenda? Or moreover, who’s agenda are you subscribing to; feeding into? Something to think about moving forward.

Nonetheless, if your ready, willing and able, have a great New Year. Stay safe. And please know that I love you


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