I don't believe people can swallow the fact that this guy Mike Brown was a "thug," with a thug attitude, which was probably the reason why things escalated... why he inevitably got shot up. If you're street-smart, and if you watched that clip of what he did in the store; the menacing approach on the shop-owner, then you know what we're dealing with. Do I wish this was a cut and dry conflictt? No, I wish this conflict never happened. But they happen all the time; this one just cScreenshot 2014-08-20 13.10.31aught a wave of energy. No, I do not in any way agree with the killing of someone over "an attitude" or a "cocky walk in life." No I do not agree that a man's skin color, or what he's wearing should be indicators of danger or malice aforethought. But as I've been saying "KARMA IS A BITCH." 

No question that there is disenfranchisement, inequality, abuse of authority and on and on, all the way down to the need for reparations. But it feels like every time there's an incident, the same conversations come up. Its as if we're all waiting for the NEXT incident so that we can have this big family reunion once again. You know, with our grandfathers (of civil rights) and our mothers (those women in media) and so many outspoken community leaders... and none of you are on the right track. You're all beating that same dead horse, and this will all be forgotten in a few days. And thats the unfortunate after effect. There will be some foundation created in his name. Maybe a street will be named after him, we're already branding the hands up/don't shoot to his name. Yeah yeah, a marketer's dream being realized. But the real answers are missing. These are answers that I've been talking about for months.

Look, if you don't get it through your thick skulls now, you never will. You may not want to hear this, but I'mma say it anyway: This will never end. Robbery will never end. Whites shootings Blacks, Blacks shooting Blacks, and loud music that embraces it all... none of it will end. And this is coming from an optimist; from someone who speaks his wildest dreams into existence. So don't be surprised when the next kid is slain by a cop. Don't be surprised when a manager's racial rant is recorded and shared on radio. The shock of "OMG" is mute at this point and the wake up call has been made. That life that you want, the White one with the picket fence, the dog and 2 kids is available if you can pay for it, and if its gated-in. But the reality is that everyone who dreams of it cannot have it. No peace and love amongst us animals. Probably why I suggest number 1) We need to be selective and savvy about the people we allow into our lives. And we need to be receptive to the red flags they wave. That goes for those IN the family, as well as outside. 2) We need to be vigilant and not take life for granted. Vigilance not only addresses 'be prepared for come-what-may,' but too, it addresses what you allow into your mind and body. Don't be brainwashed by the beats and drums and rhymes... the breasts, the money and the fame. Your passion for living should be founded on some moral center that is about progress and some contribution to others in your circle. 3) The more value you have in your life, the more you need a "core group" and mentors in your life to help keep you sharp and on point. We're talking financial, physical, social and spiritual. Yes, master your craft and be the best you can be. Yes, study hard and don't let anything get in your way. But, by all means, stop "trending" your life around what others are chasing. If you're already pursuing your greatness, then continue on, but also continue to improve. If being "polarizing" was the way for you to get that initial attention, and that initial "lick" then make that work for you and "turn-up" to the next level, and continue to refine and tweak and better yourself. If being a leader is you, or if being a "soldier" to some cause" is you, those are just a few of your options. However if you don't aspire for any amazing amount of success; if you merely want to survive, to learn, to grow and to love, then by all means do that to the best of your ability. Keep that winning attitude. After all, most people that are following these suggestions are not catching bullets from police. They;re not walking in the streets. There is nothing too random about their existence. For if you matter to YOU, it should also be apparent to others, and you will matter to THEM. And that includes law enforcement.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 7.26.23 PMOn that note about "things getting in your way"... don't let anything (within reason) get in your way. Naturally, you're not gonna let someone walk all over you. But you hafta be savvy enough to know when to hold and when to fold, when to walk away and when to run. I don't care if you personally feel this is "licking boots" or "cooning." Your mind is not developed enough to comprehend what I'm sharing here. But, if a cop is coincidentally in your way, think about flipping that humble switch. Inhale more of that good oxygen. Be the eye of the storm (the calmest part). Get through your situation ALIVE by obeying, by consideration, and depending on the situation, a "yes sir" or "yes ma'am" might work out just fine. If that doesn't work, hum or sing "Amazing Grace," because (for whatever reason) you need Grace at THAT moment. So call for it. Bottom line, live that blessed life you were put here to live. For the most part, set aside health issues and isolated circumstances, you will live the life you're promised.


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