For You’re Holiday: Will It Be Pleasure or Pain?

commentary relentless aaron peace and progress pleasure pain author urban litIt feels like there's never a dull moment. Anytime Mike and I get back into the locker room after an hour-long workout, this seems to be yet another story to discuss. Tonight it's Chicago. Yesterday it was Mali. The day before Kenya. You have to wonder if there's any place safe in the world for you to survive, to progress and to be proud of. Personally my days and parts of my evenings are spent in a virtual fortress; surveillance systems in place and doors so stubbornly strong you bet'not get your finger foot or hand caught or jammed. Add to that all my wicked gadgetry and u might as well call this Heaven in the middle of our random Hell. And if national or global news is not enough there's always the local news, Bonnie and Clyde running over an old woman in the Walmart parking lot. Tyrone and Quanah robbing the local liquor store. Multi-vehicle accident. And of course the routine political banter. So this is my day, and I'm guilty of "Living and Thinking Black-While Insulated," guilty of being outspoken, polarizing, and of knowing that there's nothing I can do to give you a "Peace Pass." You need to be savvy enough to find that yourself, according to your own circumstances. That, or submit to pain and confusion. Sure, I could make suggestions but would they even matter to you? Would my mere words mean anything/coming from a man who is admittedly insulated and thus bias with unchallenged judgment? Well, there's still this: you only have two choices in life... ONLY TWO: They are PLEASURE or PAIN. which choice will be yours? Happy Holiday.

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