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Ready to organize my team at RELENTLESS HQ.

Seed funding is arriving within the next 30-60 days; funding that will subsidize our team or masterminds to push our projects forward. We currently have unfinished projects that include PODCASTS, FILMS, WEBSITES, BOOKS, WEBINARS and more. Our Relentless Masterminds will be expected to help direct and maintain these projects so that they're healthy, progressive and part of a system. The projects that are immediate include THINK & GROW RICH/A BLACK CHOICE, a project I began with Dr. Dennis Kimbro, the SUPERPRENEUR podcast, my newest book: "I Did It, You Can Too" as well as the electronic book versions and audio productions behind TOPLESS, PUSH, TO LIVE & DIE IN HARLEM, SUGAR DADDY, SEEMS LIKE YOU'RE READY, BUMRUSH, LADY FIRST, EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS, SINGLE WITH BENEFITS, RAPPERS R IN DANGER, TRIPLE THREAT, BURNING DESIRE and last but not least, THE LAST KINGPIN.

FURTHERMORE: We intend to launch some streaming properties as well as certain "series" that will be available on the OTT TV platforms.

In order to see these projects thru there will be a blueprint and business plan. The team will then execute on these projects. Our team will include creatives, directors and associate producers.

Finally, RELENTLESS HQ will undergo renovations, both interior and exterior. One of our major most footprints in business is due to our Bed & Breakfast business here in Atlanta. We intend to maintain that.

Our next level funding arrives this summer, at which point we will begin to plan our philanthropic initiatives, with focus on INVENTORS, SINGLE MOMS, DOMESTIC ABUSE VICTIMS, NON-VIOLENT EX-OFFENDERS, AUTHORS & ENTREPRENEURS. We will institute online programs for these candidates and once accepted they will be trained in our SUCCESS ACADEMY, under our RELENTLESS UNIVERSITY brand. Online training will include business preparedness, credit establishment, business & business credit establishment. Academy candidates will receive grants to help them through the 90-day study period, and graduates from the academy will receive grants to help them launch their business. There is more to come, but I wanted to set forth my intentions so that I can begin to identify the talents necessary for great conclusions in these initiatives. MORE TO COME!



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