I Just Hafta Ask… Is She Washing Her Ass???

Screenshot 2014-11-16 20.58.54
Sweetheart I hate to be so blunt,
but I just couldn’t let this pass
I keep seeing you, my ex-girlfriend
The one who forgot to wash her ass

You disconnected me on the Facebook
But you’re still showing up online
In fact I saw you somewhere again today
and can you believe thats still been on my mind?

Yes, thats the reason we broke up
It was that big deal-breaker from my past
But do you blame me for leaving you, boo?
You were 30-something, with a dirty ass!

Its silly how we never had closure
in fact, that night I ran away so fast!
When I told you bout your stinky butt
It was hard to do that with class

So, Im sitting here thinking “love gone foul”
For her I want the best and the glory
And I don’t blame her for being mad at me
after all Im the one writing the stories

I guess the next time I find me a good one
I’ll keep my mouth shut, and maybe we’ll last
I’ll squeeze my eyes closed when I take a whiff
And I’ll just pray she washes her ass!

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