Everything Is A Lie!

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SOMETHING I’ll never forget; my dad always told me: Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see. That STUCK! And with living this phenomenal life of mine, the truth always adds up to what Dad preached. Later in life, I learned that “everything is a lie, until it comes to pass.” You’re promising me something? THAT is a lie. You’re planning something? THAT is a lie. How many wedding engagements, or building proposals, or (yes) even childbirths have gone left when you wanted them to go right? Sure, we can be hopeful all we want, but the truth is always gonna be RIGHT THERE in our faces, for us to assess, decipher and decide upon, based on all of our experiences. So… what are the ABSOLUTES in YOUR life? Stick by them. Affirm them. Enjoy them. Because there’s no lying about an absolute. ‪#‎Relentless‬

 — feeling better.

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